Thursday, December 29, 2011

N.S.C. - Word of God Ep

Ok, with all the holiday traveling I've been doing, I only have time for one last post for this year.  Up next is yet another short lived band from the early 90s.  N.S.C. hailed from Salt Lake City, Utah and played some crusty, anarcho influenced punk featuring male and female vocals.  Several tracks on this Ep are fairly straight forward crusty punk, similar to Mankind? or Resist.  A couple of tracks are longer and have what I'd call "theatrical" interludes which bring to mind bands like the False Prophets or even later Dead Kennedys.  The final track is a mash-up of shitty rock covers with the lyrics changed to lampoon major label bands.  Overall, though, this is an interesting collection of tunes which stuck out for me at the time.  The only other N.S.C. release I know of is a track on the Our Voice Pro-Choice comp. which also featured Born Against and Heroin. 

Everybody have a happy and safe New Year's Eve and I'll be back with more records in 2012!

N.S.C. - Word of God Ep

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Apostates - Burning World of Hate Ep

Here is a fairly obscure release from a band on the fringe of the NY punk scene in the late 80s and early 90s.  Apostates appeared on some NY punk compilations, notably Squat or Rot, Vol. 2 - along with Jesus Chrust, Yuppicide and others.  This 7" was released soon after and featured the song from that comp. with 2 additional tracks.  Apostates had a distinctive sound and were unlike most other NYHC bands of the time.  This record has a real anarcho-punk meets folk rock feel to it.  For reference, I'd compare it to the Pollution Circus Ep I posted a while back, or to some of that first Terminus Lp.  Apparently the band went in a more Goth direction after this record, though I've not heard anything else from them.  They have a site with the band's history and activities these days.  Whatever became of them, this Ep is a great record with an unconventional sound.

Apostates - Burning World of Hate Ep

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Coitus - Darkness on Streets Ep

 Time for another Tribal War release, this one from the U.K.'s Coitus.  These guys were around in the early to mid 90's and played some seriously metal-tinged punk.  Generally mid-tempo with a strong Celtic Frost meets Discharge vibe, Coitus were a breath of fresh air in the era of straight up Dis-clones.  A little while back someone released a 2 CD discography of their material, including this Ep and their demos and compilation tracks.  I've not gotten a copy yet but it's on my wants list for sure.  Another blog posted the Coitus demos here if you are interested.  More great stuff from the 90s.

Coitus - Darkness on Streets Ep

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Head Hits Concrete - Hope, Fear and the Terror of Dreams Ep

This week I've got another Canadian band, Winnipeg's Head Hits Concrete.  These guys play some brutal grindcore with a slight tech-metal influence.  Their sound reminds me a bit of Discordance Axis or fellow Canadians Malefaction.  HHC existed from 1999 to 2004, though there are rumors that they are back together and recording new material.  This Ep is from 2003 and came out on Intolerant Messiah records.   

Head Hits Concrete - Hope, Fear and the Terror of Dreams Ep

Sunday, November 27, 2011

V/A Counter Culture Ep

 Alright, I made it back to town from my travels abroad and it's time for more tunes.  This week's record is an international hardcore compilation 7" from 1999 which features some heavy hitters.  The "Counter Culture" comp. came out on Coalition records and has exclusive tracks from Canada's The Swarm, Japan's Slang and Swedish thrash legends D.S.-13.  I think my copy is a promo edition or something because the official version featured a different cover and came with a huge booklet that mine lacks.  Regardless, the music on this one absolutely kills.  This record features possibly my favorite two Slang tracks ever.  The Swarm and D.S.-13 rule, as usual.  Also included is an Indonesian band called The End 32 which I know very little about.  Their three songs fit right in, though, as they serve up some raw, fast, brutal hardcore.  A flawless collection of HC.

V/A Counter Culture Ep

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gnosis - Disunion Ep

Alright, time for another band from my hometown, or close by anyways.  Gnosis were a short lived group from Raleigh, North Carolina that played some heavily Neurosis inspired noisy HC.  This 7" came out in 1994 and is their only official release, as far as I know.  As I mentioned, there is a definite early Neurosis feel to this record.  The opening track is a noisy intro which is followed by two quick HC songs and the final track is a longer, dirgy number laden with samples - not too unlike fellow North Carolinians Buzzoven.  All-in-all, a great slice of mid-90's hardcore and a hidden gem from the Southeastern USA.  Jaime from Gnosis now plays in Devour, who are great in their own right.

A side note about the blog, I'll be heading out traveling next week, so I may not be able to post again until I return in late November.  So download and enjoy and I'll be back in a few weeks with new records to share.

Gnosis - Disunion Ep

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Active Minds/Petrograd split Lp

OK, finally some time to upload a new post.  Going off the last 12" I posted, the record this week is a split which features a band who took their name from a Cringer song and actually does a Cringer cover on this record.  Petrograd was from the tiny country of Luxembourg and evolved from a melodic punk group into a more of a DIY political pop band.  I like all of their material, even though the later stuff is more mild musically.  Still, the lyrics and intent were good and their later records are packed with good songs.  This early record is more on the pop-punk side of things.  As I mentioned, they do a Cringer cover and they are definitely heavily influenced by that sound at this point. 

On the other side we have quite a contrast in Active Minds.  A thrashy, low-fi duo (only guitars, drums and vocals), Active Minds is pretty much legendary at this point.  They've been around since the late 80s and still play manic HC to this day.  Their side of the split features their usual quality material - great lyrics and blistering tempos.  One of my favorite AM songs is on this one: "Walking Billboards."  A little slower and longer than most of their tracks, but it's got a great melodic sound to it.  Overall, a great split and interesting pairing of contrasting styles of punk.

Active Minds/Petrograd split Lp

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cringer - I Take My Desires for Reality...

Today is the 4 year anniversary of Lance Hahn's death.... Lance was the driving force behind Cringer and J Church, two bands I can unequivocally say influenced who I am today.  His bands introduced me to the more melodic side of punk and HC, as well as Kronstadt, the Situationists and Baader Meinhof.  "I Take My Desires for Reality Because I Believe in the Reality of My Desires" was one of the first Cringer records I bought and contains some of their best material. 

A collection of singles and compilation tracks, this 12" was issued for their U.K. tour in 1991.  Cringer's sound was decidedly melodic, ranging from quick HC songs to tracks which bordered on "pop-punk" (before that was a dead genre).  There's a definite U.K. punk influence, which along with the lyrics leaned them towards anarcho-punk in my opinion.  Lyrically, this record starts off with an ode to the revolutionary sailors of Petrograd (Kronstadt) who challenged the Bolsheviks in Russia, several Situationist inspired musings, a ballad to the Baader Meinhof gang and a couple staunchly pro-feminist songs.  All very influential to me when I was young... it's safe to say that this record helped me get through college the first time around.

Cinger's discography isn't in print anymore but I looked around and the CDs are still fairly readily available online.  Their first LP "Tikki Tikki Tembo..." was reissued on CD with their early Eps and another CD was pressed called "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" which contained all the tracks from this record with the rest of their Eps and compilation tracks.  Still, this collection 12" remains on of my favorite records 20 years on, despite having all their stuff on CD.  Hopefully you'll get a fraction of the inspiration I've gotten from it..... R.I.P. Lance Hahn.

Cringer - I Take My Desires for Reality Because I Believe in the Reality of My Desires 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

V/A War Compilation

Building on my last post and the excellent one recently done by Marc at Fugitive Equilibrium focusing on Dirt, Mankind? and Final Warning, here is the War Compilation.  Released by Tribal War Asia, the Japanese branch of the label, this one features two of Neil's bands - Warning and Jesus Chrust.  Also included are some great Japanese bands of the time - T.D.F., Battle of Disarm, G.J.P.B., Crocodileskink and a couple more.  Along with Japan, the New York/New Jersey area is represented with Neil's bands, Rorschach, Merel, Hell No, Bugout Society and the underrated Huasipungo.  Sweden's Warcollapse are the only non-Japan or US based band I think. 

Anyways, most of the bands lean to the crusty side of things, particularly the Japanese groups.  "Can You Smell the Dead" might be my favorite T.D.F. track - great metal-punk that pre-dates the glut of those bands that are out there today.  Battle of Disarm, Warcollapse and Rorschach are their usual brilliant selves.  The Warning and Jesus Chrust songs are among both bands' best.  Huasipungo, Bugout Society, Merel, G.J.P.B., Urgesnake, The Denied and Crocodileskink all contribute strong tracks.

One band I was really interested to hear when I picked up this comp. was Hell No.  They featured two folks from Citizens Arrest so I had to hear the new group.  Unfortunately they were a huge let-down.  The music had decent parts but the vocals were way over-the-top.  They made me think of Life of Agony or something.  Their song on this record is one of their better tunes, however.  I bought their first album based on the better parts of this track but that record totally ended my interest in them.  Download and check it out for yourself...

V/A War Compilation

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Warning - Protest and Still They Die Ep

 Here's a classic 7" from short lived NYC hardcore/crust band Warning.  Their one and only Ep, this band featured Neil of Tribal War Records and former vocalist for Nausea and Jesus Chrust.  This record has a definite early Discharge feel to it, down to the title and cover art.  A bit derivative maybe, and not quite the power of the early Nausea recordings, but still a solid Ep.  Neil went on to form Final Warning, probably his best post-Nausea project and a more evolved take on the Discharge sound.  Still, Neil's vocals are very distinctive and this Warning Ep showcases them perfectly.  Worth a listen for sure. 

Warning - Protest and Still They Die Ep

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Terminus - Going Nowhere Fast

 Well, judging from the download statistics, last week's Terminus post was fairly popular and since it was requested I will go ahead and post the band's first Lp.  Still not sure if Boss Tuneage is working on the CD reissue of these records or not but I have faith the folks who download these versions would still want to purchase the re-mastered and re-packaged collection when/if it is released.

Anyway, this 12" also came out on Words of Warning records, back in 1990.  It collects songs from various recording sessions in different periods of the band, so the sound is a little uneven, recording quality-wise.  This record features a mix of styles - faster numbers similar to the 2nd Lp, mid-tempo rockin' punk tracks and some more somber, anarcho-punk type songs.  One of my favorites is "Hey Little Girl," a bouncy punk track with venomous lyrics aimed towards apathetic fashion punks.  As with their other material, the lyrics are overtly political and thought provoking.  While I don't enjoy this one quite as much as "Back Among the Blind," it's still a great record from a band that really did no wrong as far as I'm concerned.

Terminus - Going Nowhere Fast Lp

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Terminus - Back Among the Blind

Here's another UK Hardcore fave of mine... Terminus lasted most of the 80s and into the early 90s.  "Back Among the Blind" was their second and last Lp.  Their sound was very punk based, with rocking guitars and speedy drums, interspersed with slow, moody numbers.  Released on Words of Warning Records in 1992, this record is their finest as far as I'm concerned.  It showcases the best of their sound.... fast, rocking HC numbers and great lyrics.  For reference, think Motorhead meets Political Asylum. 

The entire Terminus discography is great.  Boss Tuneage did a CD of all their singles which is certainly worth picking up, though it appears to be out of print.  I'm sure there are some copies floating around in distros somewhere.  BT are supposedly working on a CD collection of the two Lps, but I've not heard an update on that recently.  If that's not forthcoming, I may post the first Lp later since it's a awesome record in it's own right... still "Back Among the Blind" is my go-to Terminus album and one of my favorite UK HC records.

Terminus - Back Among the Blind Lp

Saturday, September 17, 2011

V/A A History of Compassion and Justice? Ep

Here's a compilation 7" from the mid-90s, released on Lengua Armada recs.  This one featured a few bands who would go on to be considered classic US HC from this time - Los Crudos, Ottawa, Dead and Gone and Universal Order of Armageddon.  Additionally there were tracks from John Henry West, Manumission and Naked Aggression.  I must say that the N.A. track is one of my favorites, mostly for the absolutely silly lyrics.  The song is called "Stop the Hate" but in every line Kristen Patches rails against people she hates!  Unintentionally hilarious, I'm sure.  The Los Crudos tracks is of course a classic and on their discography record.  The same for Ottawa and U.O.A.  Dead and Gone's track ended up on the CD version of their first record, but this track and the first 7" are their best material to me.  A cool collection and a glimpse back some awesome bands in their prime.  Check it out.

V/A A History of Compassion and Justice? Ep

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shitfit/Human Greed Split Lp

Sorry for the long delay between posts.... I've been a bit under the weather and scrambling to catch up on work that I'd missed whilst ill.  Anyways, the post this week is split Lp of Canadian crust/grind bands which was unleashed in 1993.  Shitfit played fast paced crustcore with very distinctive vocals.  Musically they come from the Doom or Hiatus side of things but the vocals are very unique and bit hard to describe... they aren't growled in typical crust fashion, but aren't "clean" by any means.  Human Greed's side of the split is more typical crust influenced grindcore from the time.  Definite anarcho lyircs, pointed samples and crappy production should bring to mind early Disrupt or Drop Dead.  Overall a good split, especially for the uniqueness of the Shitfit tracks.  Each band had a few other releases - Eps and split Eps before calling it quits.  I need to track down the other Shitfit material.  Human Greed did have a discography CD which appeared some time in the 90s, though I don't think Shitfit ever had such a collection.  Both bands were part of the burgeoning Quebec HC scene of the 90s that spawned other greats like Immoral Squad, Seized and Dahmer.

Shitfit/Human Greed split Lp

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Naturecore - With Love... Wish You Were Here! Ep

Here's another record I was finally able to track down on my recent trip to Europe... in a little record shop in Brussels.  I've wanted to get my hands this Naturecore 12" forever!  Back in college a friend put this record on a mix tape for me and I've been looking for it since.  Almost got my hands on it on Ebay several times but with the discovery in Brussels I was able to seal the deal.

Naturecore was a short lived Southern California anarcho-punk band from the mid 80s.  This 12" Ep was released on No Master's Voice records in 1986, though it was recorded in 1984.  The songs feature strong male/female trade off vocals over proto-crusty HC - somewhere between Dirt and Antischism if you ask me... a bit head of it's time I think.  The lyrics are strongly anarcho influenced, and deal with animal rights, exploitation of Native Americans, etc.  The combination leads me to see Naturecore as a direct influence on the coming peace punk/crust scene in the USA - Antischism, Nausea, Mankind?, etc.  Check it out for yourself...

Naturecore - With Love... Wish You Were Here! 12"

Monday, August 15, 2011

Political Asylum

The post this time out covers a large chunk of material from Scotland's Political Asylum.  This tuneful anarcho-punk group spanned most of the 80s and made it to the early 90s before calling it a day.  Fronted by Ramsey Kanaan, the founder of AK Press, Political Asylum started out playing a variation of the prominent anarcho-punk sound of the time, but moved to a more straight forward, Hüsker Dü influenced, melodic punk/HC bent.  Kanaan's distinctive vocals, often accompanied by soaring guitar leads, were a signature part of PA's sound.  Collected for you here is their 1987 12" Ep "Someday", their Lp "Window on the World", their final release, a 10" called "How the West Was Won" and also a retrospective CD entitled "Rock, You Sucker!".  The CD includes various material from the records, as well as early tunes from cassette only releases or compilations. 

Political Asylum was another band that re-recorded the same songs several times, but even so, each record has it's own merits.  My favorite versions are probably included on the "Someday" 12".  These recordings feature the most embellished and expanded leads hovering over the driving beats.  "Window on the World" features great versions of some of the same songs and the second side of the record is a live recording with some exclusive material, including a Medley of early songs and a Wire cover.  "How the West Was Won" was a fantastic finale with one side electric and one side acoustic songs.  The electric side showcased some of their most rocking material, while the acoustic side had the band at its most melancholy.  A great cover of Hüsker Dü's "Don't Want to Know If You're Lonely" closes the record.

Political Asylum - "Someday" Ep, "Window On the World" Lp, "How the West Was Won" 10" and "Rock You Sucker!" CD

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Abyss - s/t Ep

So, in the early 90's many of my friends and I were pretty much obsessed with German metallic hardcore... and there was plenty of to be had.  Bands like Acid Rain Dance, ABC Diabolo, Acme, Carol and the like became relatively known.  Abyss was a short lived, lesser player in that scene but their 7" left me wanting a lot more.  Strained vocals, bordering on "emo" over vicious metal riffs, blazing fast parts and crushing breakdowns made for a great debut.  This one lies somewhere between the straight-up metalcore of a band like Carol and the French style emo-hardcore of Fingerprint.  Unfortunately, beyond this sole 7" they only seem to have released a split Ep with Iconoclast (the NJ emo-hardcore version... an apt paring I must say).  If you are into any of the above mentioned bands, definitely check this one out.

Abyss - s/t Ep

Sunday, July 31, 2011

V/A Beautiful Music for Beautiful People

Up next is another great compilation from the late 80s/early 90s... the "Beautiful Music for Beautiful People" 10".  This one features some great US bands, including Libido Boyz from the last post, along with a spattering of international HC acts.  Libido Boyz and Dissent headline the US bands, but Crib Death and Tit Wrench have strong tracks as well.  Tit Wrench were bit of an odd-ball band.  Featuring Bob Barley of Vinyl Communications records, they played lightning fast techno like music with absurdly confrontational lyrics....think Pailhead or Lard.  "People Like That Should Be Spayed" is a good intro to their stuff.  I may post their discography some time since their stuff is fairly enjoyable in it's own weird way.  Anyways, the non-US bands on this comp. provide some great tracks as well... "Full Circle" is one of my fave Instigators tunes, the Scoundrels, Flitox, 16 B.U.H. also have strong tracks.  Australia's S.S.D.C. have a rousing number in "Free the Five".  The final track, from Denmark's President Fetch is the weakest, but not a bad song.  All-in-all a classic collection of HC from this time period. 

V/A Beautiful Music for Beautiful People 10"

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Libido Boyz

Alright, time for some more 80's melodic HC, from the USA this time.  Here is pretty much everything released by Mankato, MN's Libido Boyz.  We met them on the "They Don't Get Paid..." comp a while back, and their track "Mr Greenthumb" really got me into tracking down their other material.  Included in this file are their two LPs, three 7"ers and their side of a split EP.  Unfortunately this band had a propensity for re-recording the same songs over and over, so several versions of the same track exist on different releases.  The highlights of their discography are the first LP, "Hiding Away", the raw "Malicious Hooliganism" EP and the "It's So Obvious" EP.  Also included is their second LP, OPGU - their major label debut.  I really don't like this record, aside from one or two tracks, and the re-recorded versions of older songs are seriously wimpy.  I decided to include it here for completist sake only.  The earlier stuff is excellent tuneful HC with distinctive vocals and conscious lyrics... like a less silly SNFU or Spermbirds.  "Hiding Away" came out on the UK's First Strike Records, home to Jailcell Recipes, Drive and the Asexuals - all very good points of reference for this band.

Libido Boyz - 2 LPs, 3 EPs and 1 Split EP

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Retribution - s/t Ep

Here's another release, one of the final in fact, from my good friends at Passive Fist records.  This one is a 7" from short lived Kentucky thrashers Retribution.  A 10 track Ep, the guys blaze through some seriously Infest influenced HC.  Fellow Kentuckians Hellnation are also a good reference point.   Not sure if they did anything else, but this record slays.  The original packaging for this one included a patch and a button stuffed, along with the 7", into an official US Army "Body Parts Collection Bag" which, ominously, barely fit around the record...

Retribution - s/t Ep

Sunday, July 10, 2011

V/A Wild & Crazy Noise Merchants...

As promised, here is a double LP compilation from 1In12 records featuring a band from the last post - Indian Dream.  One of a series of "Worst of the 1In12 Club" benefit comps which served to raise money for the long running UK squat and venue, "Wild and Crazy..." features 24 tracks running the spectrum from avant folk to crust.  Highlights for me include, of course, the Indian Dream track "Our Land", which I feel is one of their very best tunes.  Also, Active Minds contribute another of my faves in "Take It Back."  Pink Turds in Space are their usual brilliant selves, even if the track is a cover.  F.U.A.L., Sofa Head, Incest Bros, Warfear, Paradox U.K. and Psycho Flowers all contribute strong tunes as well. 

V/A Wild & Crazy Noise Merchants... Invade A City Near You!! 2xLP

Friday, July 8, 2011

Indian Dream - Orca

Here's one from a more Peace Punk direction - Indian Dream hailed from the UK in the mid to late 80s and played tuneful punk with female vocals and political lyrics.  They really seem like they would have been home on Crass records and bring to mind bands from that era... Zounds, The Mob, Omega Tribe, Lost Cherrees, etc.  Another good comparison would be Internal Autonomy.  Orca was their one and only LP.  The songs are fairly long and vary from quiet and introspective to fairly rocking.  The great vocals and ultra-melodic guitars dominate on this one.  I'm including in this post a compilation Ep they appeared on with some more harsh contemporaries like Hiatus and Mushroom Attack.  I have another compilation which they appear on that I will post soon since that record features one of Indian Dream's best songs, in my opinion.  They also have at least two 7" EPs that I've been trying to track down... if anyone has MP3s I'd appreciate a copies.  Check out Orca and the Bonds of Friendship Comp. below.

Indian Dream - Orca LP + V/A Bonds of Friendship Ep

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Amenity - Forward Into the Past

Here is the Discography CD from Chula Vista hardcore band Amenity.  They appeared on the "They Don't Get Paid..." comp. I posted a while back and were a staple of the Southern California HC scene in the late 80s.  A straight edge band with posi lyrics and a healthy social conscience, musically they seem to me to straddle the line between bands like Ignition and Verbal Assault and the emergence of early 90s chugga-chugga style HC as practiced by groups like Groundwork and Chokehold.  Their "This Is Our Struggle" 7" was a mainstay on my turntable back then.  This CD, out on Vinyl Communications, includes their Eps and compilation tracks, demos and some live tunes, including cool cover songs.  The sound quality on much of this collection is lacking but the early tracks, though rough, include some great HC tunes.  The later material is more mid-paced and rocking, but still powerful and the lyrics are great.  I bet these dudes were awesome live.  It appears that they reformed a few years back to play a few shows and record new tracks but their reemergence seems to have been short lived.

Amenity - Forward Into the Past CD

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unherd - s/t Lp

Here's another post from my neck of the woods, nearby South Carolina, USA.  Fugitive Equilibrium recently posted the 400 Day Headache comp. which features these dudes and someone in the comments requested this record, so I'm happy to share it.  Don't know much about this band, other than the fact that two members went on to form Assfactor 4.  This Unherd record, their only release besides a few compilation tracks, is some great early 90s emo-influenced hardcore.  Don't let the "E" word scare you, this record sounds like it could have come out on Very Small or Lookout Records or even Ebullition at the time.  They even do  Soup cover...  All in all, an underrated record that I happen to enjoy more than the more acclaimed Assfactor 4.  Check it out for yourself.

Unherd - s/t Lp

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Transgression - Cold World

Well, I'm back from Europe... had an amazing time and in-between museums, pubs and all the walking I was able to find a couple of record stores and score a few gems.  This week's post is one I picked up in Belgium, actually.  The band is Transgression, from Indiana.  This is their Cold World Lp, out on the great Manic Ears Records in 1988.  This band definitely had a So Cal thrash sound, though fused with elements of Mid-West HC greats Die Kreuzen.  On this record, produced by Paul Mahern of the Zero Boys, their singer reminds me a bit of Charles Maggio of Rorschach, even though they predate that band by a year or two.  Think early Rorschach meets Attitude Adjustment and you're not far off.  All of those references should have you downloading this record by now.  Transgression also has a split 7" with Apocalypse which I'll probably rip and post sometime soon...

Transgression - Cold World Lp

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Unsettled - s/t Ep

OK, so I'm leaving for a whirlwind European vacation with the wife in a couple of days, so before I disappear for 2 plus weeks, here is one last post to keep you interested in the blog.  This time out we've got N.C.'s Unsettled... hailing from Greensboro in the mid-90's, these dudes started out as "Core of Reality" which betrays some of their influence.  They changed the name, played a mean C.O.C. cover live (Prayer!) and tightened up the sound.  To my ears it sounds like early Voorhees meets Ulcer... sick stuff.  My friends Pat and Sam at Passive Fist put this one out.  Pat still has the DAT for an unreleased Unsettled Ep I hear, but other than this 7" their released output consists of a couple of compilation tracks.  Go to Fugitive Equilibrium for another recently posted Passive Fist release.... in the meantime, enjoy Unsettled and I'll be back in June with more tunes.  Take care.

Unsettled - s/t Ep

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Here is the discography of Swiss straight edgers Profax.... a great mid-90s band that I still love.  This disc compiles their two 7" Eps and all their compilation tracks.  This band wowed me upon introduction with their two songs on the Ebullition comp. "Give Me Back".  Their Eps are just as great... think more Verbal Assault than traditional sXe HC.  My absolute favorite track is the least HC - "Patience" from "Give Me Back" blows my mind still.... amazing lyrics and a great rockin' song.  "Living Without Cruelty" is another classic, along with "Bona Fide" and "Chiste Malo" and... definitely check this one out! 

Profax - Discographie

Friday, April 15, 2011


Time for some more mid-90s German metallic HC... this time out we've got a group called Carol.  This band from Bremen featured members of the great Acme, Systral and Mörser.  I was discussing these dudes with a friend at a show recently and he hadn't heard this stuff, so this post will serve to get the music to him as well.  Like Acme, we've got a mid-tempo pace, crushing riffs and impossibly strained vocals... not quite at the god-like level of their predecessors but still absolutely vital.  Included here is their "Prefabricated" 7" and their split 7" with the almighty Stack.  Outside of these tracks I only know of their appearance on the "Cry Now, Cry Later #4" compilation.  Nevertheless, not a band to miss.

Carol - Prefabricated Ep and Split Ep w/ Stack

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dahmer - Dahmerized

How about a change of pace?  Here's some Canadian grindcore - the Quebec band Dahmer.  As you can tell from their name and the song titles, they were a bit obsessed with serial killers... not my usual lyrical taste but relatively apt for a grind band.  This LP contains the tracks recorded for a 7" which was set for release on Relapse records but which never materialized through some disagreement between the band and label.   Those songs make up the A side and the B side are their demo recordings.  All in all, 20 tracks of brutality.    

Dahmer- Dahmerized Lp

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Depraved - Come On Down

Long time no update... needless to say, things have been hectic around here and I apologize for the silence.  I'd like this to be a pretty regular blog but I may not really have the time to post as frequently as I want.  Regardless, I'll try to post when I can so check here from time to time for new records.

This time out I've got the great U.K. band The Depraved and their first LP "Come on Down."  This post is in celebration of the Depraved/Visions of Change collection double CD that Boss Tuneage just released.  If you dig this record, definitely order the collection from Boss Tuneage... it has both Depraved LPs as well as the first Visions of Change LP (essentially the same band as The Depraved with a bit more "rocking" sound) and the V.O.C. Peel Sessions and unreleased demos.  A great compilation of the late 80s U.K. hardcore that I love so much.  Check out the first Depraved record here:

The Depraved - Come On Down

and buy the collection CD here:

The Depraved/Visions of Change Collection CD

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Luzifers Mob/Golgatha

OK, time to make up for some of the inattention to the blog with a big post... Here are 3 records from a couple of stalwarts of the German HC scene in the 90s.  Both were featured on the Plot compilation I posted a few weeks back.  Luzifers Mob played lightening fast HC with absolutely vicious vocals.  Golgatha were more on the metal end of things with mid-paced tracks focusing on breakdowns, leads and general heaviness.  Included here is the split Lp between the two, along with each band's 7".

Saturday, February 19, 2011


It's been a busy couple of weeks for me here, so the blog has lacked some attention.  Got time for a quick post, though, and now it's back to the U.K. for some more of the melodic punk that the Brits seem to excel at.  This time out it's Identity, an early 90s group which appeared in the second wave of tuneful U.K. punk, about the same time as groups such as Drive and Senseless Things.  While having much in common with those bands, Identity did have a harder edge to some of their tracks - showing an affinity for groups like the Stupids, Snuff or Australia's the Hard-Ons.  Included here is their 12" called "Yeah! About Time Too!" which appeared on Damaged Goods in 1991 and also a self titled 10" which Boss Tuneage put out a few years back.  That one includes their singles and some demo tracks... it's a bit raw but still a good listen.

Identity - "Yeah, About Time Too!" Lp & "Identity" 10"

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cowboy Killers - Punkers Look Like Jerks From Outer Space!

This time out I've got some more fast, melodic HC from the U.K.  Here is the early discography of Wales' Cowboy Killers.  Formed in the late 80s, these guys were heavily influenced by U.S. bands like Flag of Democracy and Dead Kennedys.  Their speedy tracks featured melodic leads and their singer Beddis' trademark Jello Biafra-esque wails.  This collection CD compiles their first two Lps, a couple of compilation songs and their demo.  Included amongst the tracks is a great cover of the Feeders' "Jesus Entering From the Rear" if that gives you more of a clue where they were coming from. 

Cowboy Killers had a few more releases after those chronicled on this disc - a couple of 7"ers, a live album titled "Thank You, Fuck You And Goodnight" and one final studio Lp called "Dai Laughing."  I may get around to posting some of the later material sometime... though it's not as vital as this early stuff.  Get this great disc at the link below!

Cowboy Killers - Punkers Look Like Jerks From Outer Space! CD

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Paranoia - The Many Face Of...

This week, it's time for some Bay Area Thrash... in the form of Paranoia and their one and only Lp "The Many Faces Of..."  I don't know too much about these dudes.  This record came out in 1989 on the great Alchemy Records - the same label that unleashed the first Neurosis Lp, the first Sacrilege B.C. Lp, Clown Alley, as well as some later Poison Idea and RKL records.  I found this one in a used bin a while back and bought it solely on the merit of the label.  I was pleasantly surprised when I spun the record - some great crossover thrash directly influenced by the likes of Attitude Adjustment or The Accüsed.  Not as iconic as those groups but definitely a solid record from the heyday of this sound.

Paranoia - The Many Face Of... Lp

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Various - Plot Compilation

Time for another compilation... this one is from Germany and was a benefit release for Plot fanzine.  It's simply entitled "Plot Comp." and featured some of the heavyweight of 90s German hardcore.  Here's the full track list:

Graue Zellen - Voice Your Opinion
Cwill - Ashamed
Ambush - Locuste
Ego-Trip - Here & Now
Golgatha - C.A.C.
Slumlords - Rainship
Zorn - Kranke Frucht
Acme - New Song
Systral - Pretending Judiciousness
Luzifers Mob - 5-19 (Und Der Bose Blick)
Stack - Armistice
Time to Suffer Power - Animal
Wounded Knee - Wake Up!
Mine - XXX
Corrosive - Rausch Des Irrens
Zelot - Lotzeyn
Dawnbreed - Menschmotorik
Bohren - Luder, Samba & Tavernen

Metalcore was really big over there at this time and a few of these bands lean that way (Acme, Ego-Trip, Zorn) but this release kept mostly to fast HC with a decent dose of heaviness.  Beyond the expected greatness of groups like Stack and Luzifers Mob, my favorite tracks are from Wounded Knee, Graue Zellen, Golgatha and Ambush.  The only disappointing tracks are the Slumlords and the final one from Bohren... some kind of lounge music outro thing.  Every other song on this comp. kills...

V/A Plot Compilation

Undone - new link

I hadn't noticed that the last two songs on the Undone Lp were cut off when I zipped the file.  Thanks to Uovo Duro for pointing out the error.  I have deleted the old version with only 8 songs and re-upped the full 10 track LP.  New link is below and in the original post.  Please re-download for the full Lp.  Sorry for the mix-up!

Undone - Dark Future Lp

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Conspiracy of Equals

Up next is another U.S. group, this time its Arizona's Conspiracy of Equals.  We've met these guys before on the They Don't Get Paid... and Earth Rapers... compilations.  On both of those records they provided one of the better tracks.  This post contains their 2 Eps.  These 7"ers, along with those 2 comp. tracks make up their entire discography, as far as I can tell.  COE played dark hardcore with an early Neurosis feel and political lyrics.  These Eps remind me a bit of the second Christ on Parade Lp as well... either way, good stuff.  "Grand Illusion" is the better record for my money but "Feel the Beauty" has it's moments as well.  Download and check them out for yourself!  

Conspiracy of Equals - Feel the Beauty and Grand Illusion Eps

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scorched Earth Policy - Tactics of the Lie

Here's another Texas band, Scorched Earth Policy is an early group from Jack Control, later of Severed Head of State and World Burns to Death.  This Lp is the second release on his seminal Mind Control label.  Coming from a guy who's fronted D-beat juggernauts like SHoS and WBtD you probably have a good idea of what this one entails, however, this SEP Lp is one of my favorite releases of his.  These songs are faster with a mean Scandi-core sound that I think his later bands lack.  There are a few "noise" tracks with samples and such that break up the flow a bit - similar to the Antischism Lp but fortunately they are slight detours quickly followed by raging blasts of hardcore.  A side note, Martin from Los Crudos does vocals on part of one track - interjecting some thoughts in Spanish on Peru's Marxist Shining Path guerrillas.  Another great hardcore record from the 90s.

Scorched Earth Policy - Tactics of the Lie Lp