Sunday, October 31, 2010

Various - Earth Rapers and Hell Raisers

Time for another compilation... this week it's Earth Rapers and Hell Raisers, a double 7" put out by Hippycore records in 1989.  This one was a benefit for Earth First!, came with a huge lyric/essay booklet and has some awesome tracks surrounded by some filler.  Here's the complete tracklist:

Sins of the Flesh - Technology (The Evil)
Bent - Intellectual Hypocrites
Jesters of Chaos - Nuclear Delicacies
Pissed Happy Children - Graveyard at Sea
Reality Control - Hold My Breath
Conspiracy of Equals - Gender Slavery
Machine - Blind Man's Holiday
Samiam - Insightful
Pleasant Valley Children - Fuck, Kill, Destroy
Pollution Circus - Kenny's Song
Seein' Red - Earth First!
Christ On A Crutch - Christian's Crack Diary

My faves are Jesters of Chaos, Conspiracy of Equals, Reality Control, Pollution Circus and Sins of the Flesh (even though this song was on their Lp as well).  The early Samiam and Seein' Red tracks are cool also.  I never cared for Bent or Machine and as such, never heard anything else from those groups.  I will be posting some more from the bands with better songs on this one soon.

V/A Earth Rapers and Hell Raisers


  1. Awesome. If you want more from Reality Control, head over to

  2. awesome. i finally found a download for this comp. i probably traded my copy for something a long time ago. i forgot what a great compilation this is.

  3. now i need to find that Hunger Artist "Who Changed" 7".

  4. Cool! Glad to be of assistance. Can't help you with that Hungry Artist Ep but if I find it somewhere I'll link to it. Thanks for stopping by!