Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Depraved - Come On Down

Long time no update... needless to say, things have been hectic around here and I apologize for the silence.  I'd like this to be a pretty regular blog but I may not really have the time to post as frequently as I want.  Regardless, I'll try to post when I can so check here from time to time for new records.

This time out I've got the great U.K. band The Depraved and their first LP "Come on Down."  This post is in celebration of the Depraved/Visions of Change collection double CD that Boss Tuneage just released.  If you dig this record, definitely order the collection from Boss Tuneage... it has both Depraved LPs as well as the first Visions of Change LP (essentially the same band as The Depraved with a bit more "rocking" sound) and the V.O.C. Peel Sessions and unreleased demos.  A great compilation of the late 80s U.K. hardcore that I love so much.  Check out the first Depraved record here:

The Depraved - Come On Down

and buy the collection CD here:

The Depraved/Visions of Change Collection CD