Saturday, October 1, 2011

Terminus - Going Nowhere Fast

 Well, judging from the download statistics, last week's Terminus post was fairly popular and since it was requested I will go ahead and post the band's first Lp.  Still not sure if Boss Tuneage is working on the CD reissue of these records or not but I have faith the folks who download these versions would still want to purchase the re-mastered and re-packaged collection when/if it is released.

Anyway, this 12" also came out on Words of Warning records, back in 1990.  It collects songs from various recording sessions in different periods of the band, so the sound is a little uneven, recording quality-wise.  This record features a mix of styles - faster numbers similar to the 2nd Lp, mid-tempo rockin' punk tracks and some more somber, anarcho-punk type songs.  One of my favorites is "Hey Little Girl," a bouncy punk track with venomous lyrics aimed towards apathetic fashion punks.  As with their other material, the lyrics are overtly political and thought provoking.  While I don't enjoy this one quite as much as "Back Among the Blind," it's still a great record from a band that really did no wrong as far as I'm concerned.

Terminus - Going Nowhere Fast Lp


  1. These guys were great! Kinda flew under the radar and never got the recognition they deserved, I always thought. I don't suppose you have the lyrics for the title song? I wouldn't mind playing it on my guitar but can only remember fragments of it. Thanks for the post.