Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Here's some of that SoCal crust-core I mentioned in the last post.  The great A//Solution and their seminal "Butterfly" Ep.  This one came out in 1989 on Teacore records from the U.K.  These guys were definitely listening to tons of Antisect, Sacrilege and Deviated Instinct and you get some seriously crusty riffs on this one.  There's a myspace page dedicate to them which has a little info.  I know one of their singers committed suicide a few years after the band broke up.  There is also a CD from A//Solution which contains the recordings they did for an Lp that was never released.  Those tracks are good, but nearly as raging as those on this Ep.  I've gone ahead and included them here as well.  Download and enjoy:

A//Solution - Butterfly Ep and Things to Come CD

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sins of the Flesh

For the second posting I've got a great metallic hardcore band from Sacramento, CA - Sins of the Flesh.  They were around in the mid to late 80s and put out one LP and one 7", both of which are presented here for you.  The fast tempo, metallic crunch and leads, along with the overtly political lyrics really make me think of a U.S. version of Concrete Sox.  The 7" moves a bit more into crust-core territory, part of the emerging scene in California at this time (Apocalypse, A//Solution, Confrontation, Glycine Max, etc.)  This stuff is very underrated and there's not much about them I could find on the web.  Here is the one interview I was able to track down.  The LP was on Street Records out of Santa Barbara and the 7" came out on Desperate Attempt Records.  Check it out!

Sins of the Flesh Lp & "Know Your Enemy" Ep

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Exit Condition - Days of Wild Skies

Welcome to Twisted Tracks... a new MP3 blog that will focus on out of print punk and hardcore records from the 80s and 90s.  I will post hard-to-find records that I love which I've not seen posted on the 'net anywhere else, and also high quality rips of some of my favorite slabs of wax.  I hope you enjoy the tunes and please leave comments and feedback. 

To start this blog off I've got an appropriate release. I took the title from one of the songs off this record.  This is Exit Condition's Days of Wild Skies LP...  One of my all time favorite UK melodic hardcore records.  This LP originally came out on the great Meantime Records label.  Boss Tuneage Records did a great Exit Condition reissue which featured many of the songs from this LP, but not all.  So here is the LP in it's entirety.  If you like this, you should pick up the collection CD from Boss Tuneage which can be found here: Exit Condition 1988-1994

Download the LP here: Exit Condition