Sunday, April 24, 2011


Here is the discography of Swiss straight edgers Profax.... a great mid-90s band that I still love.  This disc compiles their two 7" Eps and all their compilation tracks.  This band wowed me upon introduction with their two songs on the Ebullition comp. "Give Me Back".  Their Eps are just as great... think more Verbal Assault than traditional sXe HC.  My absolute favorite track is the least HC - "Patience" from "Give Me Back" blows my mind still.... amazing lyrics and a great rockin' song.  "Living Without Cruelty" is another classic, along with "Bona Fide" and "Chiste Malo" and... definitely check this one out! 

Profax - Discographie

Friday, April 15, 2011


Time for some more mid-90s German metallic HC... this time out we've got a group called Carol.  This band from Bremen featured members of the great Acme, Systral and Mörser.  I was discussing these dudes with a friend at a show recently and he hadn't heard this stuff, so this post will serve to get the music to him as well.  Like Acme, we've got a mid-tempo pace, crushing riffs and impossibly strained vocals... not quite at the god-like level of their predecessors but still absolutely vital.  Included here is their "Prefabricated" 7" and their split 7" with the almighty Stack.  Outside of these tracks I only know of their appearance on the "Cry Now, Cry Later #4" compilation.  Nevertheless, not a band to miss.

Carol - Prefabricated Ep and Split Ep w/ Stack

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dahmer - Dahmerized

How about a change of pace?  Here's some Canadian grindcore - the Quebec band Dahmer.  As you can tell from their name and the song titles, they were a bit obsessed with serial killers... not my usual lyrical taste but relatively apt for a grind band.  This LP contains the tracks recorded for a 7" which was set for release on Relapse records but which never materialized through some disagreement between the band and label.   Those songs make up the A side and the B side are their demo recordings.  All in all, 20 tracks of brutality.    

Dahmer- Dahmerized Lp