Tuesday, September 30, 2014


OK, I'm about to head out traveling for a couple of weeks but I wanted to leave you all with one last post before I lose contact for a bit... here is the bulk of the recorded output by the great New York hardcore band Go!  Emerging in the late 80s and calling it quits in the early 90s, Go! played short, fast, straight-edge style HC with a slightly rawer sound and Mike Bullshit's trademark vocals - not quite spoken, sometimes screamed but certainly never sung.  Go! definitely had a posi-vibe to them, with conscious lyrics and a decidedly pro-gay stance that stood out in the scene at the time.  They released a slew of 7" Eps which were collected onto a discography CD.  Then, in 2006 the band regrouped for a bit and released two further Eps which updated their sound and featured more of Mike BS's positive lyrics and message.  The file linked here contains the discography CD "Existence," their side of the split Ep with Bad Trip (the only original material not on the CD) and the two Eps released in the mid-2000s.  Great stuff and a band I've dug for a long time...

Go! - Discography CD, Split Ep w/ Bad Trip, Reactive Ep and What We Build Together Ep

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Black Dove

OK, to finish off this Ohio trilogy, here is a final Dead Hate the Living related band that I've got... Black Dove featured the same three TDHTL dudes from Dismal, plus another guitarist.  Black Dove perhaps threw a bit more metal riffage into the mix, but in the main they continued on with the vicious Scandicore of Dismal.  Included here is their demo Ep - a 7" of the demo tape pressed for tour, along with their "No Future No Fate" Lp.  I don't think Black Dove released anything further, though they seemed to have soldiered on for a bit after the Lp came out.  Brandon and Carter, the bass player and drummer, appear to have formed another band, Paralyzer, after Black Dove but I've not tracked down any of their material.  Black Dove, like all their preceding bands, were great live, toured extensively and were staples of the early 2000s DIY scene in the U.S. and if you were into the previous couple of posts at all, they are well worth a listen...

Black Dove - Demo Ep and "No Future No Fate" Lp       

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dismal - Terra Plague Ep

Here is the Dismal Ep I mentioned in the last post... the core members of The Dead Hate the Living formed Dismal shortly after the band's demise with a different guitarist and minus TDHTL's main singer.  Dismal went in a much more Scandicore direction and the Anti Cimex influence is right on the surface of these tunes, with perhaps a half step more speed.  Unfortunately Dismal was very short lived but they did fold into the also excellent Black Dove.... their stuff coming soon.

Dismal - Terra Plague Ep

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Dead Hate the Living

Here is the complete discography of a great early 2000s band from Cincinnati, Ohio… The Dead Hate the Living.  These guys and gal played hyper speed hardcore with kind of a hybrid sound - sort of like screamy thrash with scandi-core riffage and a slight black metal influence.  I had the opportunity to see them several times on one of their east coast tours and I can attest that they killed it live.  Nice folks, too.  This file has their self-released full length demo (which came packaged in a DVD case), their 7” entitled “Take That World!” and their sole Lp “Shock and Awe.”  A couple of these guys carried on into other similar sounding projects like the short lived Dismal and, later, Black Dove.  I’ll probably be posting that material next time as all these related bands are great.  Oh, and TDHTL featured members of Memento Mori in case that interests anyone…

The Dead Hate the Living - Discography

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Various - Iron Columns 2xLp

Time for another compilation... here is a double Lp of late 90's hardcore, crust and grind from Mind Control Records.  I've posted a few Mind Control releases before, and pretty much everything this label did was great.  Iron Columns features a bevy amazing punk and hardcore from this time period and many of the greats are included - Los Crudos, Forca Macabra, Ebola, Counterblast, Extinction of Mankind, Krigshot, Disclose, Cress and one of my particular faves, Black Kronstadt.  Beyond the heavy hitters, most of the lesser known bands contribute strong tracks as well, making this a solid collection overall and a great glimpse at the state of international DIY hardcore at the time.

Various - Iron Columns 2xLp

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The End of the Century Party - Isn't It Perfectly Fucking Delightful To Be So Goddamn Certain Lp

Next up I've got the sole Lp from Florida's End of the Century Party.  Hailing from Tampa in the mid to late 90's, End of the Century Party were part of the same scene that produced legendary thrashers Asshole Parade, and the slightly less legendary, but still killer, Palatka.  Always a bit of an anomaly in a region that seemed to be defined by No Idea records and Gainesville bands like Hot Water Music, groups like Asshole Parade, End of the Century Party and Palatka coexisted with the relatively lighter and poppier bands that populated the Florida scene at the time.  End of the Century Party played fast and furious hardcore infused with a myriad of tempo changes, intricate guitar work and intensely screamed vocals.  This record brings to mind contemporary bands like Rorschach or, most especially, South Carolina purveyors of "emo violence" In/Humanity.  EOCP's drummer, B, now pounds the skins for the amazing No Statik, out of San Francisco - if that helps provide a frame of reference.

The End of the Century Party - Isn't It Perfectly Fucking Delightful To Be So Goddamn Certain Lp