Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dismal - Terra Plague Ep

Here is the Dismal Ep I mentioned in the last post... the core members of The Dead Hate the Living formed Dismal shortly after the band's demise with a different guitarist and minus TDHTL's main singer.  Dismal went in a much more Scandicore direction and the Anti Cimex influence is right on the surface of these tunes, with perhaps a half step more speed.  Unfortunately Dismal was very short lived but they did fold into the also excellent Black Dove.... their stuff coming soon.

Dismal - Terra Plague Ep


  1. Thanks for posting this. Dismal actually only had one member of TDHTL (Brian). The other members were from Killed In Action from Columbus and The Awakening, also from Columbus. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for clarification... I got this Ep from Brandon when Black Dove played here and I thought he said he and Carter were on it but I must have misheard... I suppose I should have just checked the insert... d'oh! Thanks, tho and hope you dig the blog.