Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blownapart Bastards (Repost)

Here is pretty much everything from fellow North Carolinians Blownapart Bastards.  I saw these guys many times when I lived in N.C. -  BB played pretty much every show in the area back then.  Their sound was fairly lo-fi, vaguely crusty inspired HC with political lyrics - often mocking but also sometimes pointed.  Included here is their "Requestioning Violence" Ep, and their split Eps with All You Can Eat, Resol and Oi Polloi.  Fugitive Equilibrium posted two compilations featuring BB tracks as well.  My fave song of theirs was featured on the Unforseen Disasters comp., but "Requestioning Violence" stands out as their most solid release.  I've included both sides of their splits in the file.  Red went on to play for Oi Polloi and joined Rick to form the great Uwharria later on.  Awesome early 90s nostalgia.. check it out.

Blownapart Bastards - Requestioning Violence Ep, Split Ep w/ All You Can Eat, Split Ep w/ Resol, Split Ep w/ Oi Polloi

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  1. Aww shucks...

    ...When I've listened to these songs in the past 20 years, it always strikes me as to just how horrible the quality is. ...not the music necessarily (I'll leave that judgement to the listener), but how how awful the recordings are. One of these records was recorded by a guy we knew with a 4 track. After literally 20+ beers, he said, "Ah, you won't hear those mistakes when its on the record." Not sure why we trusted him. Two of the other recordings were done in some guy's bedroom who happened to have a reel to reel machine. We paid him $15/hour and felt like we'd spent a lot after spending 4-5 hours over there. We didn't learn much as we recorded the Uwharria stuff 10 years later on the drummer's laptop. :) Thanks for putting this up here, Mike.