Sunday, March 30, 2014

Reason of Insanity - Self Titled Lp

Louisiana's Reason of Insanity were a long-standing HC outfit that toured the Southern USA extensively during their time and released a slew of split Eps, a couple of Eps of their own, along with this self titled 12", their sole Lp.  I saw these dudes open for Rattus on the Finnish legends' amazing 2004 tour of the US and they definitely brought it, a requirement for playing before such HC royalty.  This record features 27 tracks of furious hardcore, including three covers of classic HC tunes.  No frills, all speed and killer riffs, just like I like it.

Reason of Insanity - Self Titled Lp  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Apostates - Burning World of Hate Ep (Repost)

Here is a fairly obscure release from a band on the fringe of the NY punk scene in the late 80s and early 90s.  Apostates appeared on some NY punk compilations, notably Squat or Rot, Vol. 2 - along with Jesus Chrust, Yuppicide and others.  This 7" was released soon after and featured the song from that comp. with 2 additional tracks.  Apostates had a distinctive sound and were unlike most other NYHC bands of the time.  This record has a real anarcho-punk meets folk rock feel to it.  For reference, I'd compare it to folky punk like Pollution Circus, early Terminus or even New Model Army.  Apparently the band went in a more Goth direction after this record, though I've not heard anything else from them.  They have a site with the band's history and activities these days.  Whatever became of them, this Ep is a great record with an unconventional sound.

Apostates - Burning World of Hate Ep

Friday, March 21, 2014

Libido Boyz (Repost)

Here is pretty much everything released by Mankato, MN's Libido Boyz.  Included in this file are their two LPs, three 7"ers and their side of a split EP.  Unfortunately this band had a propensity for re-recording the same songs over and over, so several versions of the same track exist on different releases.  The highlights of their discography are the first LP, "Hiding Away", the raw "Malicious Hooliganism" EP and the "It's So Obvious" EP.  Also included is their second LP, OPGU - their major label debut.  I really don't like this record, aside from one or two tracks, and the re-recorded versions of older songs are seriously wimpy.  I decided to include it here for completist sake only.  The earlier stuff is excellent tuneful HC with distinctive vocals and conscious lyrics... like a less silly SNFU or Spermbirds.  "Hiding Away" came out on the UK's First Strike Records, home to Jailcell Recipes, Drive and the Asexuals - all very good points of reference for this band.

Libido Boyz - 2 LPs, 3 EPs and 1 Split EP

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Terrorain - Demo Ep

Taking their name from a Septic Death track, the U.K.'s Terrorain were a short-lived hardcore band that circulated in the same scene as Heresy, Concrete Sox and the like at the end of the 1980s.  Along with these stalwarts of the late 80s U.K. HC community, they took influences from U.S. hardcore, continental speedcore and added a touch of the emerging grindcore sound.  As mentioned in the bio included with this record, Siege, Lärm and Inferno were additional musical inspiration, beyond Septic Death and their U.K. compatriots.  This 7" is their 1988 demo cassette released on vinyl in 2000 by the great, but sadly defunct, Burrito records.  Only playing a handful of shows and without any proper releases, this demo stands as Terrorain's only output.  That said, its a platter of awesome thrashy HC that fits right in with the classic bands of that era... its too bad that the group couldn't hold it together longer to make more of an impact in such a great time and place for bands with this distinct sound. 

Terrorain - 1988 Demo Ep   

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cavity - Human Abjection (Repost)

Cavity hailed from Miami, Florida and existed from 1992 until the early 2000s.  This is their first Lp, released on City of Crime records.  Definitely influenced by Eyehategod, Damad and Grief, these dudes were doing the mid-tempo, crushing riff thing before it got huge.  "Human Abjection" was their first proper record and featured Steve Brooks of Floor and, later, Torche on 2nd guitar.  Floor is a good comparison, but with more vicious vocals.  This record was eventually re-released by Bacteria Sour records on the "Drowning" CD but subsequently went out of print all together.  Those familiar with Cavity's later records will want to see where it all began with this group... others unfamiliar with their records will still dig hearing their heavy take on HC, before they moved in an even more metal direction.

Cavity - Human Abjection Lp

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Subvert (Repost)

Here is the Subvert post, re-linked and ready to download.  Included in this file is the Subvert "Discography" CD that Selfless Records issued in 1993 and their side of the split Lp with Antischism.  The Selfless CD includes the 7" and Lp, as well as some demo tracks.  The split Lp was recorded live in the studio (as was the Antischism side... those tracks appear on their collection CD on Prank Records).  Subvert was another U.S. band that incorporated leads and other aspects of metal but was firmly a hardcore band in lyrical content and ethos.  These tracks are faster than most "crossover" of the time and are therefor especially enjoyable to me...  download and see for yourself!

Subvert - Discography CD and Split Lp w/ Antischism

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Plasmid - s/t Ep

Staying with the Heresy theme for a moment longer, here is the band that Reevsy and Steve started out with, Plasmid.  A short-lived group that eventually morphed into Heresy when Kalv joined on, Plasmid recorded only a demo tape which finally saw a wide release in 2005 on Shortfuse records, similar to the Uniform Approach record I posted last week.  Plasmid played blazing hardcore with a distinct Scandinavian feel, a bit at odds with U.K. punk at the time.  Being a demo tape, the sound is beyond raw, but the inspiration and intent manage to bleed through - definite Mob 47 and Protes Bengt influences intermingle with U.K. anarcho inspired lyrics.  An interesting listen considering the direction Heresy would take.

Plasmid - s/t Ep 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Uniform Approach - A Pledge to the Edge Ep

Here's a gem that a friend of mine asked me to send him files of recently, so I decided to publish the link for general consumption on the blog... Uniform Approach was a one-off side project of U.K. hardcore legends Heresy and Ripcord and was a less than serious homage to U.S. straight-edge HC that so influenced both bands.  These songs were recorded as a demo in 1989 but didn't see a proper release until 2004.  The music isn't too far removed from their full-time bands, particularly Ripcord, but the lyrics are jocular riffs on stereotypical sXe themes... songs about X'ing up, protecting your bros and other posi topics.  I'm also a sucker for this style and along with Heresy and Ripcord being top faves, this EP is right up my alley and a must for those into hyper speed hardcore punk.

Uniform Approach - A Pledge to the Edge Ep

Sunday, March 2, 2014

E.B.S. - Destroy Your Enemy

Here is the (almost complete) discography LP of Florida grinders E.B.S. (Every Body Sucks).  This early to mid-90's band played super fast hardcore, bordering on grind, with intentionally offensive lyrics and imagery.  Musically they are up there with some of my favorite HC of the period - bands like the U.K.'s Health Hazard, Suffer or Urko.  Other bands that come to mind, both musically and lyrically, are Cripple Bastards, Rupture and the like...  Definitely an overlooked hardcore outfit from the U.S. and well worth checking out if you dig any of the aforementioned bands...  This record collects their split 12" with Failure Face, their Cosmetic Society EP, and various compilation tracks.

E.B.S. - Destroy Your Enemy