Saturday, November 22, 2014

Never Conform - s/t Ep

Alright, I'm about to head out of town again - taking advantage of the holiday to do a little more traveling, but before I go here is a quick post for you guys...  This one is the sole 7" Ep from Japan's Never Conform.  This band appears to have been around for ages (Discogs says 1989-2014) but released very little recorded material.  This Ep came out in 2002 on 625 Thrashcore and features songs apparently written in 1989.  Regardless of the details, Never Conform on this record played some mean thrashy hardcore highly influenced by Never Healed-era Heresy - from the artwork to, sadly, the muddled recording production.  Despite the less than ideal sound quality, the songs are great and totally fit with the 80's U.K. HC vibe that they (and I) obviously love.  Enjoy and I'll be back in a couple of weeks with more tunes...

Never Conform - s/t Ep

Sunday, November 16, 2014

I Accuse!

Ok, here is a bit more early 2000s thrashcore... this time from Detrioit, Michigan's I Accuse!  These guys played super fast, modern thrashy hardcore with an old school U.S. HC vibe - imagine Jerry's Kids meets Charles Bronson.  I Accuse! released a couple of records on Sound Pollution - a self titled 7" and a split Lp with fastcore kings Hummingbird of Death.  I've included both those records in this post, along with their split Ep with Life Set Struggle - pretty much their entire discography, aside from demo and tour cassettes.

I Accuse! - Discography

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Final Plan

Here is another short-lived early 2000s band - this time from the U.S.A.  The Final Plan hailed from Cleveland, Ohio and played pissed off, lightning fast, sXe-influenced hardcore... they had much in common with contemporaries such as Tear It Up, Haymaker, Carry On and Panic.  It looks like they only contributed two releases before calling it quits - an Ep called "Dead End Nights" and a split with Texas band My Luck.  I've included both Final Plan releases here, along with the My Luck tracks from the split as well (they are pretty great in their own right).  Check them all out below.

The Final Plan - Dead End Nights Ep and split with My Luck 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Point of Few

Here are two Eps from Dutch thrashers Point of Few, who appeared in the last post - the Four Corners compilation.  The dudes played ultra-fast, youth crew influenced, political hardcore... they released a slew of 7"ers and split Eps, in addition to contributing songs to quite a few compilations.  Presented for you here are the "Beneath the Surface" and "Silence" Eps.... great accompaniments to their tracks from the "Four Corners" record.

Point of Few - "Beneath the Surface" and "Silence" Eps      

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Various - Four Corners Lp

Building on the theme of my recent posts, here is a great early 2000s compilation Lp of posi thrash and fastcore bands... "Four Corners" came out on 625 Records in the U.S. and featured 5 bands - Life's Halt from the U.S., Dead End (Sweden), Razlog Za (Croatia), German straight edgers Highscore (from the last post) and Holland's Point of Few.  Each band contributes at least 3 songs, giving each about a split 7"s worth of material...  The entire is record is killer, with Highscore and Life's Halt doing what they do best.  Dead End were short lived and didn't release much else, but their tracks are some of the best and showed a group with lots of promise.  Razlog Za are perhaps the weakest link - mostly due to the recording quality of their songs - but their contributions are by no means detrimental.  Point of Few comes out the winner, though, in my mind.  Their short, heavy and ultra-fast tracks bring to mind compatriots like Lärm and Seein' Red or perhaps a more muscular version of U.K. thrashers Active Minds.  Overall, a great collection of fast, pissed off youth crew influenced hardcore.

Various - Four Corners Lp