Thursday, October 14, 2010


Time for some more metallic U.S. hardcore - this time from the Pacific Northwest.  This week I've got Seattle's Subvert, a group that existed from 1986-1991.  They put out a 7", an Lp and a split Lp with Antischism.  Included in this post are the Subvert "Discography" CD that Selfless Records issued in 1993 and their side of the split with Antischism.  The Selfless CD includes the 7" and Lp, as well as some demo tracks.  The split Lp was recorded live in the studio (as was the Antischism side... those tracks appear on their collection CD on Prank Records).  Subvert was another U.S. band that incorporated leads and other aspects of metal but was firmly a hardcore band in lyrical content and ethos.  These tracks are faster than most "crossover" of the time and therefor especially enjoyable to me...  download and see for yourself!

Subvert - Discography CD and Split Lp w/ Antischism

After Subvert, several members formed the crusty punk/doom metal band Christdriver who did an Ep and Lp for Profane Existence.  Not my cup of tea, but good for what it was.  Here's some info on them.


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  2. First heard them on KAOS in middle school, song stuck in my head.

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