Sunday, August 30, 2015

Rentamerica/Polestar Split Ep

More North Carolina Hardcore here... a split 7" from two short-lived bands, Renamerica and PolestarRentamerica hailed from a small town in NC and played fast and thrashy hardcore with intense vocals.  As mentioned in the last post, some of these guys went on to play in Uwharria and some actually went on to form FaceDownInShit.  On the flip side is a band I know pretty much nothing about... Polestar was also from North Carolina - I think but I'm not certain as there is no info included in this record.  Polestar plays a more 90's emo or screamo take on hardcore but is nearly as intense.  These appear to be the only two tracks Polestar released while Rentamerica had another split 7" that I never got around to tracking down.  Another cool, little-known 90s hardcore release that deserves a listen...

Rentameria/Polestar split 7" Ep

Sunday, August 16, 2015


OK, it's been a little bit since I posted and honestly, life here has been fairly crazy as of late with some new developments requiring more time and attention than I am accustomed to, cutting in to my time that I can devote to the blog.  I'll try to keep coming up with posts when I am able but I can't promise there will be any regularity to them...  Anyways, with that out of the way, this post compiles most of the discography of North Carolina's eco-thrashers Uwharria.  From my home state and featuring members of Blownapart Bastards (as well as Rentamerica, Divide and Conquer, and even Oi Polloi) Uwharria played a chaotic brand of metallic hardcore that brings to mind late 80's crossover thrash - like later D.R.I. or Animosity-era C.O.C.  Rick from Blownapart's vocals remind me a bit of Blaine from the Accused on these tracks which only adds to the crossover feel...  All the lyrics concern wildlife and environmental issues (hence the "eco-thrash" tag) but with somewhat of a tongue-in-cheek attitude.  Song titles range from bird species like "Ivory-billed Woodpecker" and "Appalachian Skullcap," to the less than majestic like "Dung Beetles" and "Tick Attack."  Short-lived, Uwharria released a full length CD and a split CD with fellow N.C. punks Crimson Spectre.  I remember there also being a live CD that the band self-released but I never got my hands on that.  The link below has the full length as well as their half of the split CD, 24 tracks total.

Uwharria - "Fury in the Foothills" and Split with Crimson Spectre