Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jesters of Chaos - s/t 7"

It's been a busy week here and finally I've got some time for a new post.  This time out I've got the Jesters of Chaos, who we met in the last post.  Their track on the "Earth Rapers and Hell Raisers" comp. was always one of my faves from that collection.  This is their one and only 7" Ep which came out on the short lived Horton Recs label.  These dudes hailed from Seattle, Washington and played some great HC with a strong U.K. influence.  This 7" and the track from "Earth Rapers" were their only official releases.  Here is a rip of their demo tape which included all of these tracks, plus the rest of the recording session.  The quality on this "discography" is a bit lacking but for the completist it's good to have.  Here is their Myspace page, which is more of a tribute to their lead singer who sadly has passed away.  Check out the high quality rip of the Ep below.

Jesters Of Chaos - s/t Ep

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  1. thanks downloaded their demo a while back. great band. great blog.