Sunday, October 31, 2010

Various - Earth Rapers and Hell Raisers

Time for another compilation... this week it's Earth Rapers and Hell Raisers, a double 7" put out by Hippycore records in 1989.  This one was a benefit for Earth First!, came with a huge lyric/essay booklet and has some awesome tracks surrounded by some filler.  Here's the complete tracklist:

Sins of the Flesh - Technology (The Evil)
Bent - Intellectual Hypocrites
Jesters of Chaos - Nuclear Delicacies
Pissed Happy Children - Graveyard at Sea
Reality Control - Hold My Breath
Conspiracy of Equals - Gender Slavery
Machine - Blind Man's Holiday
Samiam - Insightful
Pleasant Valley Children - Fuck, Kill, Destroy
Pollution Circus - Kenny's Song
Seein' Red - Earth First!
Christ On A Crutch - Christian's Crack Diary

My faves are Jesters of Chaos, Conspiracy of Equals, Reality Control, Pollution Circus and Sins of the Flesh (even though this song was on their Lp as well).  The early Samiam and Seein' Red tracks are cool also.  I never cared for Bent or Machine and as such, never heard anything else from those groups.  I will be posting some more from the bands with better songs on this one soon.

V/A Earth Rapers and Hell Raisers

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Here's another post of some So-Cal crust - Confrontation.  This includes their two 7" Eps... "Dead Against the War" and their "1989" demo pressed on vinyl.  Dead Against the War was always my favorite... it has a great metallic, almost industrial sound to it.  One of these guys went on to form Dystopia and you can definitely see the parallel in this Ep.  The Demo 7" is more traditional crust-core - not bad at all but a very different sound from the later Ep.  There is also a Confrontation/Cantankerous split 7" out there but I've not been able to track down a copy... even a rip of it would be appreciated if someone has it.  One last note, DATW just happened to be the first release for Tribal War records... one of seminal labels of the 90s and one that will appear frequently on this blog.  Enjoy.  

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bazooka Joe

This week I've got a band we met back on the "They Don't Get Paid, They Don't Get Laid..." comp. - Myrtle Beach South Carolina's Bazooka Joe.  Here are their two Eps which, along with their compilation tracks make up their entire recorded output.  Great melodic HC with political lyrics.  Go here for their other tunes on the "What Are You Pointing At?" comp.  Found some info on them here and it looks like they're reformed and may re-release these Eps and record some new material!  Definitely look out for reissues as hopefully these tracks will be re-mastered - the recording quality on these records is sorely lacking.  Still, the strength of the songs shines through - especially on Pastor of Muppets.  Download below.

Bazooka Joe - "Pastor of Muppets" & "Send in the Klowns"

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Time for some more metallic U.S. hardcore - this time from the Pacific Northwest.  This week I've got Seattle's Subvert, a group that existed from 1986-1991.  They put out a 7", an Lp and a split Lp with Antischism.  Included in this post are the Subvert "Discography" CD that Selfless Records issued in 1993 and their side of the split with Antischism.  The Selfless CD includes the 7" and Lp, as well as some demo tracks.  The split Lp was recorded live in the studio (as was the Antischism side... those tracks appear on their collection CD on Prank Records).  Subvert was another U.S. band that incorporated leads and other aspects of metal but was firmly a hardcore band in lyrical content and ethos.  These tracks are faster than most "crossover" of the time and therefor especially enjoyable to me...  download and see for yourself!

Subvert - Discography CD and Split Lp w/ Antischism

After Subvert, several members formed the crusty punk/doom metal band Christdriver who did an Ep and Lp for Profane Existence.  Not my cup of tea, but good for what it was.  Here's some info on them.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Various - They Don't Get Paid, They Don't Get Laid, But Boy Do They Work Hard!

Up next is a great compilation from back in 1989.  Put out by Maximum Rocknroll records, here is "They Don't Get Paid, They Don't Get Laid, But Boy Do They Work Hard".  14 tracks of U.S. punk and hardcore... a very representative sampling of the U.S. scene at the time.  This one has some crust (Nausea and Apocalypse),  a lot of  straight up hardcore (Christ On A Crutch, Detonators, Dead Silence), a little pop-punk (Cringer), even some ska-core (Downfall), which was all the rage at the time.  This compilation has a special place in my heart ever since a buddy of mine in high school gave me a tape with this record on one side and Christ On Parade on the other.  A very formative cassette to say the least. 

Here's the full tracklist:

The Detonators - Denied
Amenity - Follow
Christ On A Crutch - Nation of Sheep
Nausea - Clutches
Apocalypse - Techno-Doom
Conspiracy of Equals - Is It Right?
Screeching Weasel - This Bud's For Me
Jawbox - Bullet Park
Dissent - Superman
Downfall - Long Way to Go
Dead Silence - Hope
Cringer - Pay to Play
Bazooka Joe - Phoenix
Libido Boyz - Mr. Greenthumb

Everyone of these songs is great... from the best tracks ever by the Detonators, Screeching Weasel, Christ On A Crutch and Apocalypse, to hidden gems like Conspiracy of Equals, Bazooka Joe and the Libido Boyz.  You'll be hearing some more from these lesser known bands on this blog in the future.  For now, though, check out this rad comp., one which introduced me to a whole new level of DIY punk and hardcore when I was a teenager. 

V/A They Don't Get Paid, They Don't Get Laid...