Thursday, December 25, 2014

Boxed In

Alright, here's an X-mas day post to fulfill a reader's request - more great UK hardcore from the early 2000's.  Boxed In featured members from several classic UK HC groups - most notably Sned from Generic, One By One, Health Hazard and Suffer (and also the proprietor of the long running and crucial Flat Earth Records).  Boxed In carried on in a similar vein to the most recent of those groups - thrashy, ultra fast HC, bordering on grind, with smart political lyrics.  This post is their discography CD which includes their sole 12", three Eps and a few songs from compilations.  37 tracks total, including some vital covers - including Anti Cimex, Kafka Process, Iconoclast and more.  Enjoy!  

Boxed In - 2001-2005 CD

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Horror

OK, one more blast of brutal UK hardcore from another band descended from the all-mighty Voorhees - this is The Horror.  Featuring most of the final Voorhees line-up, The Horror continued playing fast and vicious hardcore that took on a somewhat of a Youth Attack vibe - incorporating a bit from bands like Charles Bronson and Das Oath, while retaining a decidedly UK HC sound.  Here is basically their entire discography - the two "First Blood" Eps and their two Lps.  The early material is the best with "The Fear, The Terror, The Horror" 12" being my favorite release.  I must confess that I found the final Lp "Spoils of War" a little flat and uninspiring but that was perhaps in comparison to the outstanding legacy these guys had built up... overall, great stuff.

The Horror - Discography

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Break It Up

Here is another blast of UK hardcore... Break It Up were a short-lived band that featured members of Voorhees and played a similar style of vicious punk, though with a pronounced early sXe influence.  They only released a demo and an Lp, both of which are included here.  The album contains an Antidote cover and the demo features an excellent version of Beyond's flawless track "Effort" - two indications of where these guys were coming from, musically.  Sean, one of the guitarists from the first incarnation of Voorhees and for Break It Up, has a new band going that is in much this same vein.  Check out My Rules if you've dug these past two posts...

Break It Up - No Sides Lp and Demo Ep   

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Voorhees - Smiling at Death

OK, this one is a straight up 1990's classic... "Smiling at Death" compiled all the early Voorhees recordings onto one 69 track CD - two demos, their first 7" and Lp, compilation tracks and studio outtakes.  For those unfamiliar, Voorhees hailed from the U.K. and played vicious, primal hardcore punk reminiscent of the first wave of U.S. bands - Negative Approach, SOA, Negative FX, etc.  All of these influences are at the fore in the lyrics, artwork and the myriad of cover songs sprinkled throughout the disc.  Voorhees lasted for just over a decade, albeit with a constantly changing line-up, and ended up with a slew of 7"ers, split Eps and a couple more Lps.  I dig their entire catalog of material, but for me nothing that came after can touch this release... one of the best hardcore bands of the era for sure.

Voorhees - Smiling at Death

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fields of Fire - The Kids Can't Be Bought Ep

OK, I've been back in town for a bit but have been playing catch up around the house and am finally squeezing in time for a new post... this week I've got a rockin' 7" from Southern California posi band Fields of Fire.  This one came out in 2000 and features some kick ass old school sXe HC in the vein of Insted or Chain of Strength - fast and heavy but with lots of melody.  These guys came from the same scene as Life's Halt and In Control, and like those bands were bridging straight edge and nardcore somewhat.  Good stuff.

Fields of Fire - The Kids Can't Be Bought Ep