Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bazooka Joe

This week I've got a band we met back on the "They Don't Get Paid, They Don't Get Laid..." comp. - Myrtle Beach South Carolina's Bazooka Joe.  Here are their two Eps which, along with their compilation tracks make up their entire recorded output.  Great melodic HC with political lyrics.  Go here for their other tunes on the "What Are You Pointing At?" comp.  Found some info on them here and it looks like they're reformed and may re-release these Eps and record some new material!  Definitely look out for reissues as hopefully these tracks will be re-mastered - the recording quality on these records is sorely lacking.  Still, the strength of the songs shines through - especially on Pastor of Muppets.  Download below.

Bazooka Joe - "Pastor of Muppets" & "Send in the Klowns"


  1. Great! I've been wanting to hear these since "What Are You Pointing At?", so big thanks to you. Reformed? Never would have predicted that one, but that's good news.

  2. Thanks for the albums! i've been waiting too.
    greetings from Colombia.

  3. I ordered the Pastor of Muppets ep through some long forgotten fanzine ad. The 7" vinyl still sits on my shelf getting the occasional spin. Thanks for saving me the trouble of ripping this gem.
    Bazooka Joe fan from Houston, TX