Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sins of the Flesh

For the second posting I've got a great metallic hardcore band from Sacramento, CA - Sins of the Flesh.  They were around in the mid to late 80s and put out one LP and one 7", both of which are presented here for you.  The fast tempo, metallic crunch and leads, along with the overtly political lyrics really make me think of a U.S. version of Concrete Sox.  The 7" moves a bit more into crust-core territory, part of the emerging scene in California at this time (Apocalypse, A//Solution, Confrontation, Glycine Max, etc.)  This stuff is very underrated and there's not much about them I could find on the web.  Here is the one interview I was able to track down.  The LP was on Street Records out of Santa Barbara and the 7" came out on Desperate Attempt Records.  Check it out!

Sins of the Flesh Lp & "Know Your Enemy" Ep


  1. Hey Mike! I was saddened to hear of the demise of AGNS, but I'm lovin' the new place already!

    I think I recall you requesting Sins of the Flesh a while back, but I hadn't heard them until now. Definitely a ferocious ensemble. I look forward to many more great posts like this one in the future!

    FE should be up and running again by tonight, but I went ahead and linked TTs already. Best of luck with the blog, school, etc...


  2. Thanks man, glad you dug S.O.T.F. Records like that are why I wanted to do a blog. Plus it's something music related that I can do that doesn't take as much time as the podcast, since time is at a premium these days. Take care and keep checking in over here!


  3. Hi I'm writing from Guadalajara Mexico, I'm glad that you had the oportunity to upload this fucking great record, I heard this band years ago, but i had it in tape, a compilation called hippy core, I guess? with SAM I AM, POLLUTION CIRCUS and a lot of bands from Sacramento, 7". do you have it? or may be Pollution Circus demo tape? Please upload both! I love PC, Thanks again!

  4. Saludos! Thanks for checking out the blog. I posted that compilation you mentioned here:

    I don't have a Pollution Circus demo but you can find tracks on these compilations:

    The 7" I posted and these compilation tracks are all I know of Polluction Circus releasing... If i find anything else I will certainly post it, though!

  5. Hell yeah compa! thank you very much for the links, 1993 Pollution Circus gave a little interview for a zine from my city, I didn't remember where is the zine, was it in spanish. That demo that i told you had it one friend of mine, and this moment he didn't know where it can be. But belive me that demo tape is better that 7" ep. Thanks again, be sure that a gonna enjoy this stuff a lot, great memories with this punk music... I love it