Saturday, September 24, 2011

Terminus - Back Among the Blind

Here's another UK Hardcore fave of mine... Terminus lasted most of the 80s and into the early 90s.  "Back Among the Blind" was their second and last Lp.  Their sound was very punk based, with rocking guitars and speedy drums, interspersed with slow, moody numbers.  Released on Words of Warning Records in 1992, this record is their finest as far as I'm concerned.  It showcases the best of their sound.... fast, rocking HC numbers and great lyrics.  For reference, think Motorhead meets Political Asylum. 

The entire Terminus discography is great.  Boss Tuneage did a CD of all their singles which is certainly worth picking up, though it appears to be out of print.  I'm sure there are some copies floating around in distros somewhere.  BT are supposedly working on a CD collection of the two Lps, but I've not heard an update on that recently.  If that's not forthcoming, I may post the first Lp later since it's a awesome record in it's own right... still "Back Among the Blind" is my go-to Terminus album and one of my favorite UK HC records.

Terminus - Back Among the Blind Lp

Saturday, September 17, 2011

V/A A History of Compassion and Justice? Ep

Here's a compilation 7" from the mid-90s, released on Lengua Armada recs.  This one featured a few bands who would go on to be considered classic US HC from this time - Los Crudos, Ottawa, Dead and Gone and Universal Order of Armageddon.  Additionally there were tracks from John Henry West, Manumission and Naked Aggression.  I must say that the N.A. track is one of my favorites, mostly for the absolutely silly lyrics.  The song is called "Stop the Hate" but in every line Kristen Patches rails against people she hates!  Unintentionally hilarious, I'm sure.  The Los Crudos tracks is of course a classic and on their discography record.  The same for Ottawa and U.O.A.  Dead and Gone's track ended up on the CD version of their first record, but this track and the first 7" are their best material to me.  A cool collection and a glimpse back some awesome bands in their prime.  Check it out.

V/A A History of Compassion and Justice? Ep

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shitfit/Human Greed Split Lp

Sorry for the long delay between posts.... I've been a bit under the weather and scrambling to catch up on work that I'd missed whilst ill.  Anyways, the post this week is split Lp of Canadian crust/grind bands which was unleashed in 1993.  Shitfit played fast paced crustcore with very distinctive vocals.  Musically they come from the Doom or Hiatus side of things but the vocals are very unique and bit hard to describe... they aren't growled in typical crust fashion, but aren't "clean" by any means.  Human Greed's side of the split is more typical crust influenced grindcore from the time.  Definite anarcho lyircs, pointed samples and crappy production should bring to mind early Disrupt or Drop Dead.  Overall a good split, especially for the uniqueness of the Shitfit tracks.  Each band had a few other releases - Eps and split Eps before calling it quits.  I need to track down the other Shitfit material.  Human Greed did have a discography CD which appeared some time in the 90s, though I don't think Shitfit ever had such a collection.  Both bands were part of the burgeoning Quebec HC scene of the 90s that spawned other greats like Immoral Squad, Seized and Dahmer.

Shitfit/Human Greed split Lp