Saturday, October 18, 2014

Defacto Oppression

Ok, I'm back in town and have had a little time to prepare some posts for you all.... this time out its back to the Mid-West of the USA for a short-lived Wisconsin band called Defacto Oppression.  These dudes only released a 7" and a full length CD, both of which are presented for you here.  Coming along in the late 90s and surviving into the early 2000s, Defacto Oppression's sound straddles the decades similarly... the 7" has a more 90s sound, reminiscent of the crusty hardcore you might hear on early Profane Existence records - bands like Deprived, Resist or early Defiance.  By the time their full length came out, Defacto Oppression seemed to incorporate a more "modern" sound - resembling His Hero is Gone or Tragedy, but with a flavor all their own...  the 8 minute long closing track, "The Train," is intense and a fitting closing number to both the album and their career.  One of these guys would go on to the great Weaving the Deathbag who will be featured in the next post... great stuff.

Defacto Oppression - We're Digging Our Own Graves Ep and Screen Symphony Suicide CD

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