Thursday, October 23, 2014

Weaving the Deathbag

Alright, another Wisconsin band here... as I mentioned in the last post, Weaving the Deathbag featured a member of Defacto Oppression and formed shortly after D.O. disbanded.  Weaving... had a slightly different take on the early 2000s hardcore punk sound, playing faster and with somewhat cleaner vocals.  I've always thought WtDB would have fit well on Sound Pollution or 625 Records - their sound was reminiscent of 90s greats like Hellnation and Capitalist Casualties, with perhaps just a touch of melody.  Weaving the Deathbag released a total of four 7" Eps, each of which is collected here on their "Compendium" CD.  I picked this up from the band on one of their final tours - 26 tracks that collect all the 7"ers plus a couple of cover songs.  Great stuff from a sadly short lived and underrated band...

Weaving the Deathbag - Compendium CD


  1. Great, Thanks! Hope you can post more bands who have a siege/heresy/larm/hellnation sound without being too powerviolence/grind/noise/extreme...

    1. Glad you dig this, Zak... I think I can accommodate your request for more thrashy hardcore :) Relevant posts coming soon...