Tuesday, September 30, 2014


OK, I'm about to head out traveling for a couple of weeks but I wanted to leave you all with one last post before I lose contact for a bit... here is the bulk of the recorded output by the great New York hardcore band Go!  Emerging in the late 80s and calling it quits in the early 90s, Go! played short, fast, straight-edge style HC with a slightly rawer sound and Mike Bullshit's trademark vocals - not quite spoken, sometimes screamed but certainly never sung.  Go! definitely had a posi-vibe to them, with conscious lyrics and a decidedly pro-gay stance that stood out in the scene at the time.  They released a slew of 7" Eps which were collected onto a discography CD.  Then, in 2006 the band regrouped for a bit and released two further Eps which updated their sound and featured more of Mike BS's positive lyrics and message.  The file linked here contains the discography CD "Existence," their side of the split Ep with Bad Trip (the only original material not on the CD) and the two Eps released in the mid-2000s.  Great stuff and a band I've dug for a long time...

Go! - Discography CD, Split Ep w/ Bad Trip, Reactive Ep and What We Build Together Ep

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