Saturday, October 25, 2014

All Ill - Symbols of Involution Ep

Up next is a Spanish group from the late 1990s - All Ill.  These guys played ultra fast, thrashy, straight-edge influence hardcore with perhaps a touch of power violence.  Bands for reference would be their country-mates E-150, Scholastic Deth, Exclaim or Sick Terror.  Presented here is their "Symbols of Involution" Ep that came out on Sound Pollution Records in 2000.  This one features 10 tracks, including a Project X cover (Dance Floor Justice).  It looks like All Ill released at least another CD's worth of material but I've not been able to track that one down.  Regardless, this Ep is killer and a great listen for fans of this sound and the aforementioned bands.

All Ill - Symbols of Involution Ep

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  1. That was quick, haven't heard them before so gonna check it out, thanks Mike!