Saturday, August 2, 2014

Various - Music for the Proletariat

This time out I've got another compilation - this one comes from the great early-90's label Allied Recordings.  Based in the Bay Area of California, Allied put out records from a diverse spectrum of bands - from Antischism to J Church to Neurosis and all points in-between.  Music for the Proletariat reflects that diversity and collects 26 songs from 90's punk and hardcore stalwarts like Resist and Jawbreaker, to lesser known, but still great in their own right, groups like Friction or Radon.  There are quite a few international bands that, at the time, were little known here in the States that received a bit of attention from their inclusion on this collection - bands like Seein' Red, Nations on Fire and Political Asylum.  This one featured early tracks from bands who would continue on to produce their own legacies (J Church, Jawbreaker, Buzzoven) as well as short lived groups who managed little else other than their contribution to this record (Schedule, Strait Up, Dogs on Ice, etc.).  However, there are hardly any missteps on this collection and that makes it one of best from this time period, to my mind.   

Various - Music for the Proletariat

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