Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Staying with Allied Recordings and in the Bay Area, here is the almost complete discography of early 90's political punkers, Strawman.  Led by Tommy Strange, previously of mid-west hardcore band O.D.F.X., Strawman played anarcho-influenced rockin' punk in the vein of Stiff Little Fingers or early Clash.  They issued a self-titled Lp and several Eps before calling it quits... Tommy Strange went on to form Songs for Emma and continue on in the same vein while Jimmy Broustis moved on to found S.F. staple Shotwell Coho (later just Shotwell).  As I mentioned, this file contains just about everything Strawman produced - the Lp and three of their four Eps.

Strawman - Lp and three Eps


  1. I bought the S/T LP years ago at a used-CD store back in high school and fell in love with their sound and message. Thanks a bunch for letting me get back in touch with this old-school band. More people need to hear this sadly now-defunct band!

  2. Got this stuff on vinyl back in the 90's and loved it (still have it) so thanks for putting this up. Reminded me of a more political Leatherface (RIP) in some ways. Thanks again. Simon, Bath (UK)