Friday, July 25, 2014

Good Grief

Well, after that huge Cringer post I will stay with the Bay Area pop-punk for a minute.  Here is almost everything from a short lived band from the same era - Good Grief.  This band formed shortly after the dissolution of Cringer and featured one of their guitarists (the other being Lance who formed the prolific and long-running J Church).  Good Grief only released one 7" and a few compilation tracks.  Their sound is very Cringer-esque but with fairly gruff female vocals.  After this band, several members went on to form a new group called Buttafuoco and release a few more Eps in the same vein.  Included in this file with Good Grief's self-titled Ep are two 7" compilations that they appeared on - the "This is Fucked, This is Shit" and "There's A Faggot in the Pit" comps.  Each one features other Bay Area luminaries from the time (J Church, Filth, etc.) along with lesser known bands who are pretty great in their own right.  "This is Fucked, This is Shit" is one of my favorite comp. Eps from the early 1990s and the Good Grief song on that one is their best overall track I think.

Good Grief - s/t Ep and two compilation Eps

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