Sunday, July 20, 2014


I've been posting a spate of releases from the Vinyl Communications label recently, so I'll continue in that vein with what I think was the best VC band and one of my all-time favorites, San Francisco's (via Hawaii and L.A.) Cringer.  Cringer's sound was decidedly melodic, ranging from quick HC songs to tracks which bordered on "pop-punk" (before that was a dead genre).  There's a definite U.K. punk influence, which along with the lyrics leaned them towards anarcho-punk in my opinion... topics cover the revolutionary sailors of Petrograd (Kronstadt) who challenged the Bolsheviks in Russia, Situationist inspired musings, ballads about the Baader Meinhof gang and staunchly pro-feminist and pro-animal rights songs.  All very influential to me when I was young...

Included in this file is the CD reissue of their first LP "Tikki Tikki Tembo..." that incorporated their early Eps along with the 12".  Also enclosed is the "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" CD which compiled most of their remaining Eps and many of their compilation only tracks, making these two CDs cover the bulk of their official output.  I've also included the "I Take My Desires of Reality..." 12" which I posted a while back.  All those songs appear on the "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" CD but I'm partial to the high quality vinyl rip I made of that one.  Lastly, the file also contains Cringer's "Live in Europe" Ep... a 7" that is exactly what it says and their only Ep that doesn't appear on the CD reissues.

Cringer - (Almost Complete) Discography


  1. you made my day. I was just researching more for this band yesterday, as you were uploading it.

  2. "Pay To Play" was a highlight for me on the "They Don't Get Paid, They Don't Get Laid" comp. I look forward to giving these songs a listen.