Sunday, February 5, 2012


I have to say that the U.K. produced most of my favorite hardcore from the 1990s - Voorhees, Health Hazard, Suffer, Ebola, Kitchener, Stalingrad, Hard to Swallow... the list goes on and will have to include Urko.  Playing blazing, vitriol-filled HC, these guys fit right in with the Flat Earth scene of the time.  Their split 7" with Suffer still packs a tremendous wallop after all these years.  Included here are their two Eps; "Thrash It Up" and "Fast3ChordHardcore...", along with two split Eps (with Suffer and Active Minds) and their final release - a split Lp with Minute Manifesto.  I believe the split 7" with Chineapple Punx is all I am lacking from their discography.  Unfortunately the group dissipated in 2001 after the untimely death of their bass player in a car crash. 

Urko - 2 Eps, 2 Split Eps and Split Lp w/ Minute Manifesto


  1. Hey,
    Wondering if ya have the Words MAde Flesh s/t e.p.? Been looking for that for ages. Nice blog btw.

    1. Wow... so weird that you requested that Ep. I actually re-ripped it a few weeks ago planning to post it sometime soon! I will throw it up this weekend. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words!

  2. hail to the fen 'cause we hail from the fen! good to hear some old noises from me hometown, Boston, it's not even the arse end of England, it's a smear of shit on its arsecheek, 'specially since the Indian Queen shut down.