Sunday, January 29, 2012

With Intent - s/t Ep

OK, it's time to return to the more HC side of things... The post this week is a short lived band from San Diego who, to my knowledge, only released this one seven inch.  With Intent's self-titled Ep came out on Vinyl Communications in 1992 and features some fast HC with intensly screamed vocals.  Several bands come to mind when I think of their sound - Born Against, Heroin, Universal Order of Armageddon as well as some of the French screamy HC bands like Fingerprint or Ivich.  These four tracks definitely rage in that pre-"screamo" way and are worth a listen if you are into any or all of the above mentioned groups.

With Intent - s/t Ep


  1. Hi again Mike,
    Got myself a very cheap and nasty record deck, but it works and will do until my financial situation improves! So as promised here's that other N.S.C. record I told you about:
    Enjoy & please feel free to share this with your regulars.
    All the best from a freezing cold Scotland!

    1. Thanks Jock! Downloading it now and will give it a listen and pass it along soon. Take care and stay warm :)