Thursday, July 28, 2011

Libido Boyz

Alright, time for some more 80's melodic HC, from the USA this time.  Here is pretty much everything released by Mankato, MN's Libido Boyz.  We met them on the "They Don't Get Paid..." comp a while back, and their track "Mr Greenthumb" really got me into tracking down their other material.  Included in this file are their two LPs, three 7"ers and their side of a split EP.  Unfortunately this band had a propensity for re-recording the same songs over and over, so several versions of the same track exist on different releases.  The highlights of their discography are the first LP, "Hiding Away", the raw "Malicious Hooliganism" EP and the "It's So Obvious" EP.  Also included is their second LP, OPGU - their major label debut.  I really don't like this record, aside from one or two tracks, and the re-recorded versions of older songs are seriously wimpy.  I decided to include it here for completist sake only.  The earlier stuff is excellent tuneful HC with distinctive vocals and conscious lyrics... like a less silly SNFU or Spermbirds.  "Hiding Away" came out on the UK's First Strike Records, home to Jailcell Recipes, Drive and the Asexuals - all very good points of reference for this band.

Libido Boyz - 2 LPs, 3 EPs and 1 Split EP


  1. Nice post, thanks. I started out with the major label opgu...when I heard hiding away I couldnt believe it. First Strike was a good little label.

  2. any chance to get this link working again?

  3. Is there any way to get just an mp3 of Barracuda? I bought the single long ago at one of their shows and have been itching to hear it again...and it is the one thing I can't find.