Sunday, July 10, 2011

V/A Wild & Crazy Noise Merchants...

As promised, here is a double LP compilation from 1In12 records featuring a band from the last post - Indian Dream.  One of a series of "Worst of the 1In12 Club" benefit comps which served to raise money for the long running UK squat and venue, "Wild and Crazy..." features 24 tracks running the spectrum from avant folk to crust.  Highlights for me include, of course, the Indian Dream track "Our Land", which I feel is one of their very best tunes.  Also, Active Minds contribute another of my faves in "Take It Back."  Pink Turds in Space are their usual brilliant selves, even if the track is a cover.  F.U.A.L., Sofa Head, Incest Bros, Warfear, Paradox U.K. and Psycho Flowers all contribute strong tunes as well. 

V/A Wild & Crazy Noise Merchants... Invade A City Near You!! 2xLP


  1. Nice post, thanks for the tunes.

  2. Many, many thanks for posting this. Had it years ago and somehow it ended up living at a friend's house and I haven't seen it since! It's great to hear it again...

  3. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Can't wait to give it a spin. Just posted Vol 4 here: