Sunday, January 16, 2011

Conspiracy of Equals

Up next is another U.S. group, this time its Arizona's Conspiracy of Equals.  We've met these guys before on the They Don't Get Paid... and Earth Rapers... compilations.  On both of those records they provided one of the better tracks.  This post contains their 2 Eps.  These 7"ers, along with those 2 comp. tracks make up their entire discography, as far as I can tell.  COE played dark hardcore with an early Neurosis feel and political lyrics.  These Eps remind me a bit of the second Christ on Parade Lp as well... either way, good stuff.  "Grand Illusion" is the better record for my money but "Feel the Beauty" has it's moments as well.  Download and check them out for yourself!  

Conspiracy of Equals - Feel the Beauty and Grand Illusion Eps

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  1. Hi Mike, amazing post!! Amazing blog!!
    I've posted a comment on another amazing post: "Undone - Dark Future Lp" -> Could you post that lp with the missing last 2 songs?