Friday, February 27, 2015

Triple Eagle - Blow 'Em Up Ep

OK, one more Richmond, Virginia band for you... Triple Eagle were only around for a minute in the early 2000s - just long enough to make a CDR and do an East Coast tour, apparently.  I saw them here in Georgia on that tour and was impressed with their live set.  Their sound was definitely representative of their time and place - to me they seem to mix post-hardcore like Kerosene 454 or Quicksand with more metallic HC like Eucharist or even Majority Rule.  Like I said earlier, they only appear to have released this tour CDR which contains 5 songs, but the material is pretty great and makes me wish they'd done more.    

Triple Eagle - Blow 'Em Up CDR

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Wardance Orange

All right, sorry for the delay... I was a bit under the weather last week.  Anyways, I think I'm going to stay in Richmond for a minute and post another 90's Virginia band called Wardance Orange.  I saw these guys a couple of times back in the day in my travels up and down the East Coast to see shows.  I don't know much about them but, though being relatively short-lived, Wardance Orange put on a great live set.  They only released one 7" and a split Ep and to my mind neither does their live presence justice.  Still, their self-titled Ep on Tribal War Records is a solid mid-90's hardcore record.  There's tons of influences in the music - from metallic hardcore (particularly Rorschach) to early emo (Moss Icon or Rites of Spring).  This one might be more of a "you had to be there" kind of post, but hopefully it at least provides more insight into the East Coast HC scene at the time...  Along with the self titled 7", this file includes the split Ep with Atlanta emocore band Ex Members Of...

Wardance Orange - s/t Ep and Split Ep w/ Ex Members Of... 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Eucharist - Self Title Lp

More mid-1990s American hardcore here... I don't have a ton of info on these guys but I do know that Eucharist hailed from Richmond, Virginia and that this self titled 12" was their only release.  These dudes played fast and heavy hardcore with some metal influence and intense vocals.  This record came out on the same label that released some of the Half Man material, as well as Ire and early Saetia.  Half Man is a good starting place for Eucharist's sound - other references would be heavy hitters like Rorschach or lesser known greats like Manchurian Candidates.  Sadly, they only released a handful of compilation tracks aside from these 13 songs...

Eucharist - Self Titled Lp

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Here's another 90's hardcore group from upstate New York... Conniption was fairly short-lived and released a couple of split 7"ers and one full Ep - one of the splits being with recently posted fellow New Yorkers Half Man.  Though they came out of the hardcore scene, their sound was very metallic and lay somewhere in the overlap between Hardcore, Grind and Death Metal.  At least one of these guys went on to form slightly more well-known straight edge grind band Monster X after Conniption's demise.  Here is Conniption's full Ep and the split with Half Man (including the Half Man tracks that I left out of the last post)... I still need to get my hands on the split Ep with Scapegrace.

Conniption - Self Titled Ep and Split Ep with Half Man