Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Here's another 90's hardcore group from upstate New York... Conniption was fairly short-lived and released a couple of split 7"ers and one full Ep - one of the splits being with recently posted fellow New Yorkers Half Man.  Though they came out of the hardcore scene, their sound was very metallic and lay somewhere in the overlap between Hardcore, Grind and Death Metal.  At least one of these guys went on to form slightly more well-known straight edge grind band Monster X after Conniption's demise.  Here is Conniption's full Ep and the split with Half Man (including the Half Man tracks that I left out of the last post)... I still need to get my hands on the split Ep with Scapegrace.

Conniption - Self Titled Ep and Split Ep with Half Man


  1. great stuff. speaking of scapegrace do you happen to have all of what they did?

    1. Sorry... I don't have any Scapegrace vinyl yet though I'm on the lookout. When I track their stuff down I'll definitely post it though! Thanks for stopping by...