Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Horror

OK, one more blast of brutal UK hardcore from another band descended from the all-mighty Voorhees - this is The Horror.  Featuring most of the final Voorhees line-up, The Horror continued playing fast and vicious hardcore that took on a somewhat of a Youth Attack vibe - incorporating a bit from bands like Charles Bronson and Das Oath, while retaining a decidedly UK HC sound.  Here is basically their entire discography - the two "First Blood" Eps and their two Lps.  The early material is the best with "The Fear, The Terror, The Horror" 12" being my favorite release.  I must confess that I found the final Lp "Spoils of War" a little flat and uninspiring but that was perhaps in comparison to the outstanding legacy these guys had built up... overall, great stuff.

The Horror - Discography


  1. Thanks for all these cool uk posts mike, just wondering if you also have anything by Boxed In ( that you can post as well?

    1. Certainly... I'm all about 90s UK HC - check out the Flat Earth archive ( for a ton of that stuff, including pre-Boxed In bands One By One, Health Hazard and Suffer. I'll post the Boxed In discography soon!