Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fields of Fire - The Kids Can't Be Bought Ep

OK, I've been back in town for a bit but have been playing catch up around the house and am finally squeezing in time for a new post... this week I've got a rockin' 7" from Southern California posi band Fields of Fire.  This one came out in 2000 and features some kick ass old school sXe HC in the vein of Insted or Chain of Strength - fast and heavy but with lots of melody.  These guys came from the same scene as Life's Halt and In Control, and like those bands were bridging straight edge and nardcore somewhat.  Good stuff.

Fields of Fire - The Kids Can't Be Bought Ep


  1. Hey Mike!
    What a coincidence, the day before your post, i put Fields Of fire discography on my blog:
    so check it out.
    FOF is one of my favorite hardcore bands.
    Keep it up!

    1. Whoa! That is crazy... Its cool to find all the other FOF material, thanks for the link - I'll add it to the TT blog list. Take it easy!

    2. Thanx for adding my blog to your list, I did that for your blog too.
      Keep up with good work!