Saturday, May 3, 2014

Kismet HC

I'll stay in the U.K. for another post... this time out I've got two records from long running political punkers Kismet Hardcore.  Kismet HC formed in the late 80s and sporadically released records throughout the 90s and 2000s, and as recently 2011.  Included here are two of their most prominent releases - their 2001 full length "Our Message Is Of Anger...Our Voices Are Of Pain" and their self titled 10" from 2005.  The band plays fast hardcore punk which features Zanee's strong female vocals, often trading off with guitarist Scragg's gruff shouts.  The dynamic puts the band squarely in the 1990s U.K. HC sound, with the influence of older groups like Dirt apparent, along with some of their contemporaries like Disaffect or One by One.  I can also hear the incorporation of some of the U.S. crusty hardcore sound - bands such as Resist, early Defiance or even Aus Rotten.  Overall a fairly overlooked U.K. outfit who deserve a listen if any of the aforementioned groups mean anything to you.

Kismet HC - "Our Message Is Of Anger...Our Voices Are Of Pain" and self-titled 10"

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