Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cowboy Killers - Punkers Look Like Jerks From Outer Space! (Repost)

Today I was finally able to watch Soap the Stamps, a new BBC documentary on 80s U.K. hardcore... it was a bit short but still cool and featured Beddis and the Cowboy Killers prominently, so I was inspired to re-post this early discography CD of the Welsh favorites...  Formed in the late 80s, these guys were heavily influenced by U.S. bands like Flag of Democracy and Dead Kennedys.  Their speedy tracks featured melodic leads and their singer Beddis' trademark Jello Biafra-esque wails.  This collection CD compiles their first two Lps, a couple of compilation songs and their demo.  Included amongst the tracks is a great cover of the Feeders' "Jesus Entering From the Rear" if that gives you more of a clue where they were coming from. 

Cowboy Killers had a few more releases after those chronicled on this disc - a couple of 7"ers, a live album titled "Thank You, Fuck You And Goodnight" and one final studio Lp called "Dai Laughing."  I may get around to posting some of the later material sometime... though it's not as vital as this early stuff.  Get this great disc at the link below!

Cowboy Killers - Punkers Look Like Jerks From Outer Space! CD

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  1. Cool post, thanks. I watched Soap the Stamps t'other day too ... loved the story about Green Day and the sword :D