Sunday, March 9, 2014

Plasmid - s/t Ep

Staying with the Heresy theme for a moment longer, here is the band that Reevsy and Steve started out with, Plasmid.  A short-lived group that eventually morphed into Heresy when Kalv joined on, Plasmid recorded only a demo tape which finally saw a wide release in 2005 on Shortfuse records, similar to the Uniform Approach record I posted last week.  Plasmid played blazing hardcore with a distinct Scandinavian feel, a bit at odds with U.K. punk at the time.  Being a demo tape, the sound is beyond raw, but the inspiration and intent manage to bleed through - definite Mob 47 and Protes Bengt influences intermingle with U.K. anarcho inspired lyrics.  An interesting listen considering the direction Heresy would take.

Plasmid - s/t Ep 


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