Saturday, March 31, 2012

4Shared Links

Well, it looks like 4Shared has started to require people to "Sign In" to download my files... Not sure why this changed and I can't seem to bypass it.  I'll look into using another hoster for files but in the meantime, I created a dummy account that folks can login with to DL files.  Here is the username and password:

password: twistedtracks

It may take a bit to figure out how I will proceed... I doubt I'll go back and re-up all previous files.  I've got a lot on my plate at the moment anyway so I will address this and post new material when I can.  For now, either use the dummy account above or your own 4Shared account to download files.  Sorry for the inconvenience...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blownapart Bastards

Here is pretty much everything from fellow North Carolinians Blownapart Bastards.  I saw these guys many times when I lived in N.C. -  BB played pretty much every show in the area back then.  Their sound was fairly lo-fi, vaguely crusty inspired HC with political lyrics - often mocking but also sometimes pointed.  Included here is their "Requestioning Violence" Ep, and their split Eps with All You Can Eat, Resol and Oi Polloi.  Fugitive Equilibrium posted two compilations featuring BB tracks as well.  My fave song of theirs was featured on the Unforseen Disasters comp., but "Requestioning Violence" stands out as their most solid release.  I've included both sides of their splits in the file.  Red went on to play for Oi Polloi and joined Rick to form the great Uwharria later on.  Awesome early 90s nostalgia.. check it out.

Blownapart Bastards - Requestioning Violence Ep, Split Ep w/ All You Can Eat, Split Ep w/ Resol, Split Ep w/ Oi Polloi

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cry of Terror - s/t Ep

 OK, sorry for the silence... It was Spring Break at school so I took some time to chill and refresh for the remainder of the semester and my lack of activity spread to the blog.  Anyways, here is a great 7" from a short lived Dutch thrash band, Cry of Terror.  I first heard these guys on the In Crust We Trust comp.  Their two tracks sounded like crust meets crossover and made me think of early Concrete Sox.  This record has those two tracks from In Crust We Trust, along with two more.  Cry of Terror had 2 Lps as well.... you can get the first one here.  The Lps were more thrash metal influenced but still good.  I don't think they topped the songs from that comp. and this Ep, however. 

Cry of Terror - s/t Ep

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Deviated Instinct - Nailed Ep

OK, back to one of my favorite times and places for punk/HC... the late 80s in the U.K.  Here is the Nailed 12" by the class of the early stench core/crust scene, in my book - Deviated Instinct.  This Ep was their final release before calling it quits in the early 90s.  This record was the only one from their early period omitted from the Welcome to the Orgy discography CD... not sure why.  As far as I know, it's never been re-released.  Anyways, for those in the know, Nailed picks up where Gutteral Breath left... mid-tempo (no pun intended), crushing metal riffs and vocals from hell.  As much as I love early D.I., I've always dug Mid's vocals and the slower, heavy sound that they cultivated after the first Lp. 

Like I said, after this Ep Deviated Instinct called it quits and Mid & Snapa went to do buy a drum machine and do Spinewrench and then Bait.  D.I. reunited in 2007 and has been gigging around Europe for the past few years.  Part of the reason I'm posting this one is that I just got my tickets and sorted out the details to go see D.I., along with a ton of other awesome bands at Chaos in Tejas in May... so stoked. 

Deviated Instinct - Nailed Ep