Thursday, December 29, 2011

N.S.C. - Word of God Ep

Ok, with all the holiday traveling I've been doing, I only have time for one last post for this year.  Up next is yet another short lived band from the early 90s.  N.S.C. hailed from Salt Lake City, Utah and played some crusty, anarcho influenced punk featuring male and female vocals.  Several tracks on this Ep are fairly straight forward crusty punk, similar to Mankind? or Resist.  A couple of tracks are longer and have what I'd call "theatrical" interludes which bring to mind bands like the False Prophets or even later Dead Kennedys.  The final track is a mash-up of shitty rock covers with the lyrics changed to lampoon major label bands.  Overall, though, this is an interesting collection of tunes which stuck out for me at the time.  The only other N.S.C. release I know of is a track on the Our Voice Pro-Choice comp. which also featured Born Against and Heroin. 

Everybody have a happy and safe New Year's Eve and I'll be back with more records in 2012!

N.S.C. - Word of God Ep


  1. Mike,
    Thanks for this...
    Thought you'd want to know that they put out at least one other record. I have a 3 song 7" called "Food Not Bombs!" with no date or label/cat number but may have been done as a benefit for the Food Not Bombs people.
    Unfortunately I'm without a record deck at the moment but will hopefully be remedying that in a few weeks so I'll get it ripped and send you a link to grab it.
    Superb blog btw... Cheerz

    1. Sweet, thanks for the info Jock... Would love to hear the other 7" someday, if you can get it recorded! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for posting this! I just found a copy of "Foods not Bombs" and I'm stoked on it so I look forward to hearing this one. (you can snatch "food not bombs" at at a great little blog called Spook:
    Sorry if it's not okay to post a link to another blog, but I thought you might be interested