Sunday, December 11, 2011

Coitus - Darkness on Streets Ep

 Time for another Tribal War release, this one from the U.K.'s Coitus.  These guys were around in the early to mid 90's and played some seriously metal-tinged punk.  Generally mid-tempo with a strong Celtic Frost meets Discharge vibe, Coitus were a breath of fresh air in the era of straight up Dis-clones.  A little while back someone released a 2 CD discography of their material, including this Ep and their demos and compilation tracks.  I've not gotten a copy yet but it's on my wants list for sure.  Another blog posted the Coitus demos here if you are interested.  More great stuff from the 90s.

Coitus - Darkness on Streets Ep


  1. Oi! Hope you and yours are OK Mike.
    Congrats for your great job with your blog
    I have about 1500 records more from the early to mid 90s (but love the early 80s more...)
    I may have something you looking for and can rip it for you (sow i can also give and not only take...)SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH
    Cheers from Portugal
    Your PuNk / HC brother Vitor Kontra

  2. Thanks guys! Glad the effort is appreciated! I'll let you know, Vitor, if there's something specific I'm looking for. I always forget what specific records I want... I need to make a list! Yeah, the 80's are the best but the 90's weren't bad either! Thanks again for the support.