Friday, October 21, 2011

Cringer - I Take My Desires for Reality...

Today is the 4 year anniversary of Lance Hahn's death.... Lance was the driving force behind Cringer and J Church, two bands I can unequivocally say influenced who I am today.  His bands introduced me to the more melodic side of punk and HC, as well as Kronstadt, the Situationists and Baader Meinhof.  "I Take My Desires for Reality Because I Believe in the Reality of My Desires" was one of the first Cringer records I bought and contains some of their best material. 

A collection of singles and compilation tracks, this 12" was issued for their U.K. tour in 1991.  Cringer's sound was decidedly melodic, ranging from quick HC songs to tracks which bordered on "pop-punk" (before that was a dead genre).  There's a definite U.K. punk influence, which along with the lyrics leaned them towards anarcho-punk in my opinion.  Lyrically, this record starts off with an ode to the revolutionary sailors of Petrograd (Kronstadt) who challenged the Bolsheviks in Russia, several Situationist inspired musings, a ballad to the Baader Meinhof gang and a couple staunchly pro-feminist songs.  All very influential to me when I was young... it's safe to say that this record helped me get through college the first time around.

Cinger's discography isn't in print anymore but I looked around and the CDs are still fairly readily available online.  Their first LP "Tikki Tikki Tembo..." was reissued on CD with their early Eps and another CD was pressed called "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" which contained all the tracks from this record with the rest of their Eps and compilation tracks.  Still, this collection 12" remains on of my favorite records 20 years on, despite having all their stuff on CD.  Hopefully you'll get a fraction of the inspiration I've gotten from it..... R.I.P. Lance Hahn.

Cringer - I Take My Desires for Reality Because I Believe in the Reality of My Desires 


  1. Hey Mike ! this is Karl from Canada. i was a religious follower of All Go No Slow tuning in every sunday for 5 years and downloading all 250 episodes. in fact, i'm listening to #32 right now (Ragin 80s). wicked.i just wanted to say how much i appreciated your efforts at podcasting. i too miss Lance. he reviewed my fanzine once and although it was a weak effort he was very encouraging. hey, quick question....any podcast recommendations for current HC/punk ? i miss a weekly fix. thanks.

  2. Hey Karl! Thanks for the kind words and for keeping up with AGNS for all those years! My friend Stussey does a rad podcast of mostly current punk/HC/D-Beat and Grind called Worst Case Scenario... here is the link, I think you'll dig it:
    Thanks again and take care!

  3. Missing piece of my collection. Love Cringer & first couple of J Church. Thanks, Mike!!