Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shitfit/Human Greed Split Lp

Sorry for the long delay between posts.... I've been a bit under the weather and scrambling to catch up on work that I'd missed whilst ill.  Anyways, the post this week is split Lp of Canadian crust/grind bands which was unleashed in 1993.  Shitfit played fast paced crustcore with very distinctive vocals.  Musically they come from the Doom or Hiatus side of things but the vocals are very unique and bit hard to describe... they aren't growled in typical crust fashion, but aren't "clean" by any means.  Human Greed's side of the split is more typical crust influenced grindcore from the time.  Definite anarcho lyircs, pointed samples and crappy production should bring to mind early Disrupt or Drop Dead.  Overall a good split, especially for the uniqueness of the Shitfit tracks.  Each band had a few other releases - Eps and split Eps before calling it quits.  I need to track down the other Shitfit material.  Human Greed did have a discography CD which appeared some time in the 90s, though I don't think Shitfit ever had such a collection.  Both bands were part of the burgeoning Quebec HC scene of the 90s that spawned other greats like Immoral Squad, Seized and Dahmer.

Shitfit/Human Greed split Lp


  1. Thanks! This is a fantastic album I used to listen to in my bedroom. Going to be happy to hear it again!!

  2. Played with both in Montreal at a collective space called Autonomous Octopus. Swear we were the only people without butt-long dreads or wearing colors that weren't black. Believe I had on cutoff jean shorts so short the pockets showed, baja pullover thing I found in a trash pile, white Rattus shirt & Tevas. That's all I wore all tour. Great crowd & great people.