Saturday, April 4, 2015

I Object! - First Two Years

More early 2000s hardcore... I Object! were a straight edge band from upstate New York that played old school style HC with political lyrics and tons of spirit.  I saw these folks live several times on their numerous U.S. tours and each time they delivered the goods.  This post contains their 25 track CD that compiles their first Ep, a split 7" and quite a few compilation and demo tracks.  I Object! went on to release a proper full length on Alternative Tentacles but I've always dug this early stuff from them more.  Good times and good memories.

I Object! - First Two Years CD

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  1. Great band! I have this CD and also love more their early material than LP. I played two shows with my two old bands with I Object in 2006. They were nice people and those shows were fucking awesome! Nice memories...