Saturday, March 21, 2015


OK, now for something different...  On a personal note, I am a huge football fan (or soccer to my fellow Yanks) and tomorrow is one of the biggest matches of the year - El Clasico in Barcelona.  So in preparation for this huge game, here is a post of one of my favorite Spanish HC bands - E-150.  Hailing from Barcelona and active in the late 1990s through the early 2000s, E-150 played blistering thrashcore that the folks over at Six Weeks or Sound Pollution records would highly endorse.  Their sound compares well with the heavyweights of this genre, bands such as Scholastic Deth, Hellnation, or even Sick Terror.  This post covers most of their discography - a self-titled CD that collects most of their 7"ers along with their split Ep with Intensity that was left off the CD.  These guys have soldiered on in other bands, most notably Fix Me and Gulag, though to me their other projects don't quite measure up to the high standards set by E-150.  Download, enjoy and for tomorrow, Visca Barça!

E-150 - Discography


  1. Great post! Some days ago came out a 2xLP discography on La Agonia De Vivir and have six unreleased songs.

    They have 3 songs in the compilation "Hysteria Vol.1" on Lengua Armada, do you have both volumes? It will be great see some post about them.

    Best wishes!!

  2. Thanks Ricardo! I hadn't heard of that Discography 2xLP... I need to find that! I also do not have the Hysteria comp. but it is on my wantlist.... if I find it I will definitely post it. Thanks!