Thursday, January 1, 2015


Alright, Happy New Year everyone... I'll start off 2015 with post from this side of the pond, namely the 39 track (plus a live set) discography CD from Massachusetts thrashers Ulcer.  These guys were around in the early to mid 1990's and played blistering hardcore, bordering on grind, with plenty of doses of thrash and power violence thrown in the mix.  Ulcer did split records with 90's HC mainstays Capitalist Casualties and Failure Face, which should give you some further clue to their sound.  To my ears they share a lot in common with Rhode Islanders Drop Dead, but with more insane vocals - reminiscent of Septic Death or, even more closely, the Unsettled Ep I posted so long ago.  This CD collects all of Ulcer's material - an Lp, an Ep and two split 7"ers, along with the aforementioned live set.  Enjoy.

Ulcer - Discography CD    


  1. Mad thanks for this! Your blog is seriously cool, not only is there stuff i've been meaning to listen to for a while, but there's also tonnes of other stuff i've never even heard of before!

    1. Thanks so much... Glad you're digging the blog!

  2. shame that they didn't include their tracks that were on compilations too.

  3. AwEsome. THanks for this! grreat blog!

    eric d.