Sunday, June 1, 2014

Frail - Make Your Own Noise

Here is the nearly complete discography of Philadelphia straight edgers Frail.  These guys were around in the mid-90s and in 1994 or so I happened to be in Richmond, VA visiting friends when Frail played a dank basement somewhere downtown.  They were great, of course.  I picked up their first two seven inchers at the show... these, along with their third Ep and a split 7" with Elements of Need are included on this disc.  Frail released a couple of compilation only tracks that don't appear on this collection but this CD covers everything else.  Their sound was definitely in the 90s emo vein, though, it seems to me, musically they bridged the gap somewhat between the metallic straight edge sound of contemporary bands like Unbroken or Catharsis and the early wave of French screamo - bands like Fingerprint or Ivich.  Members of Frail went on to found Ink & Dagger if that helps place their sound as well...

Frail - Make Your Own Noise CD 


  1. great band and thanks you, classic stuff in my opinion also you need to put some Elements of Need and more french stuff from Stonehenge records so many good bands from that label greetings!

    1. Cool... I've toyed with the idea of posting some Stonehenge material but Fugitive Equilibrium posted most of that awhile back. ( I noticed that some of his links are dead so maybe I'll repost some of it here... I never got into Elements of Need - sounds like I need to seek them out! Thanks for stopping by.