Thursday, February 13, 2014

Antischism - This is War Ep (Bootleg)

Well, after many, many months away I find myself with the time, energy and desire to attempt to resurrect this blog.  I plan on combining new posts with re-ups of previously shared records on a more accessible server, with the intent, as before, to make these obscure or hard to acquire records available for wider enjoyment and exposure to new audiences.  Requested re-ups will be handled first, otherwise I'll do re-posts of some of my favorites or records I think are most crucial.  A few records I've posted in the past have been reissued or are in the process of being re-released, so out of respect for the labels I won't re-up those releases.

To ease back into the blog, I decided to begin the new run of posts with this gem of a 7" from South Carolina's Antischism.  "This is War" is actually a bootleg Ep that came out in 1992 and features two rough mixes of studio tracks and three live versions of classic Antischism tunes.  The re-mixed versions of the studio tracks appear on the discography CD on Prank! records, the three live tracks are exclusive to this record.  Certainly not an essential piece of the Antischism discography, but still a cool collection of tunes, with the live tracks giving some hint of how the band's unique sound translated outside of the studio.

Antischism - This is War Ep      

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