Thursday, June 9, 2011

Transgression - Cold World

Well, I'm back from Europe... had an amazing time and in-between museums, pubs and all the walking I was able to find a couple of record stores and score a few gems.  This week's post is one I picked up in Belgium, actually.  The band is Transgression, from Indiana.  This is their Cold World Lp, out on the great Manic Ears Records in 1988.  This band definitely had a So Cal thrash sound, though fused with elements of Mid-West HC greats Die Kreuzen.  On this record, produced by Paul Mahern of the Zero Boys, their singer reminds me a bit of Charles Maggio of Rorschach, even though they predate that band by a year or two.  Think early Rorschach meets Attitude Adjustment and you're not far off.  All of those references should have you downloading this record by now.  Transgression also has a split 7" with Apocalypse which I'll probably rip and post sometime soon...

Transgression - Cold World Lp

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